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TTG Media Website Visual Guide

AffinoTravelTTGTTG Media+-

See the full experience of Benchmark Affino-powered website by TTG Media

TTG Media is not just a Benchmark Affino-powered Website, it's a multi-award-winning Benchmark for all

TTG Media lead the Travel Industry with their Affino-powered Website and Digital Platform is a multiple award-winning Website and Digital Platform running on Affino. During the month of April, TTG’s Paywall has been partly suspended - meaning that much of the site has been opened up so that prospective users can sample the extent of value-added content and services provided.


The site is rich in depth and breadth - with no less than 36 key topic landing pages, Competitions, Events, and of course the invaluable TTG+ Membership resources - including the Live Supplier Directory, Travel Agent Tracker, and Print Archive going back to 1953. Do note that a number of those services will require membership and login - so not all the [View Page] links will resolve for non-members.


In any case we thought it opportune to showcase this fantastic benchmark Affino Site - such that all can learn from these innovations!

Careers Hub


Underlining its leadership position within the Travel Industry TTG features extensive Career Guidance and an active Jobs Listing Board.


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Coronavirus Hub


TTG was one of the very first organisations to establish a Coronavirus Hub - to rally round the industry and provide essential business guidance and resources for these tricky times. The Industry Expert -led Coronavirus Business Support Forum was one of the essential innovative elements provided.


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Opinion Hub


A smart collection of Business Insider Opinion Pieces - cleverly formatted to draw out maximum impact for that Expert Guidance and insights.


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TTG Media lobbied the UK Government in service of the Travel Industry and brought focus to the industry's ongoing plight. First with the #SaveTravel initiative, and then the #RestartTravel campaign too.


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Training Hub


TTG further underlines its Industry Leadership status with numerous essential training references and guides - covering most levels within the Industry.


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Video Hub


No modern website resource is complete without extensive video content for deeper and more contextual coverage of the sector.


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TTG+ Membership Subscriptions Page


Of course you need a Subscriptions page to be able to sign up for all the TTG- Benefits - and the core Affino Subscriptions Promotion page is perfect for you to best position the opportunity.


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Supplier Directory Live


With the Volatility of Coronavirus's impact on the Travel Sector - there are lots of moving targets, and the number and status of participants changes almost daily. which is why one of the key TTG+ resources is the Live and Dynamic Supplier Directory - with ongoing and instant updates.


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TTG+ On Demand Events


There are a number of Event Pages on the site - with more general Events, TTG+ Events, and TTG+ On Demand Events - which is our chosen reference here.


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TTG Travel Agent Tracker


TTG's fortnightly Travel Agent Status and Intelligence Reports are essential TTG+ resources for Travel Agents to keep tabs on arising trends and key activities within the sector.


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TTG Print Archive


The ingenious Print Archive goes all the way back to 20th March 1953 with all text dynamically indexed and fully searchable within those downloadable PDF's. This was quite a significant collaborative undertaking between TTG and Affino in 2020.


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TTG scoped out this innovative page themselves from current Affino features - combing the essential 'My Library' bookmarking resource with Topic Preference Personalisation.


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TTG+ Exclusive Content


TTG+ Membership has numerous benefits including Exclusive and dedicated value-added content and resources.


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TTG Latest Editions


A handy page to preview the Latest TTG Print and Special Editions in digital format.


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TTG Features List


Another smart essential resource for Advertisers, Publishers and general TTG Members.


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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year