Iceland celebrates another World Champion - Annie Mist is now officially 'Fittest Woman on Earth'

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As you may have spotted on a previous blog, I have following Annie’s progress right throughout the 10 events and over the 3 days - really willing her on to win. She performed admirably in the opening beach run / swim / pull-ups / squats event, placing fifth.


Annie’s ’Ball Skills’ let her down badly in Event 2, and she made a disastrous error on the L-Sit, barely hitting the 30 second mark, when she is capable of at least twice that - even though she outpaced everyone on the handstand-walk, she placed a lowly, unthinkable 29th. A win in the final event of the day though saw her move up to 4th overall.


Day 2 was a much more consistent affair with a 7th place, another 1st and a 3rd in events 4-6 - bringing her right up to the shoulders of her arch nemesis Kristan Clever - who was leading at the end of day two.


First event of Day 3 and Annie scored another win, putting her very marginally in the lead ahead of Kristan. In the frantic triple final sequence - Annie just had to place more consistently than Kristan to win the whole competition, and she did this admirably by scoring 3rd in each of the final 3 events - a place or two above Kristan; every one else was too far back really to overtake Annie.


On the Winner’s podium, as pictured, were the following:

  1. Annie Thorisdottir (Iceland) with 842 points
  2. Kristan Clever (USA) with 799 points
  3. Rebecca Voigt (USA) with 775 points

Scores out of a maximu of 1000, with 100 scored for first, 95 for second, 90 for third in each event etc.


The UK’s Samantha Briggs placed a very credible 4th - just outside the medals with 752 points. No one won more individual events than Annie (3), her margin could have been that more impressive but for a couple of silly mistakes - but then that it part of the winning spirit too - overcoming adversity; and there’s no knowing that the poor performance in event 2 was not what spurred Annie on to win the competition.


For me this year’s final was not as thrilling as last year’s mega obstacle course - I think the obstacle courses are a much better means of audience entertainment for a final event. Even though the overall event was bigger and better this year, the individual components were not quite as satisfying, and the time keeping was about as good as Iceland Express’s!


All in all, a little nervy, yet exhilarating and a rather highly rewarding occasion for Annie and our tiny Icelandic nation. Annie pockets the $250,000 cheque to go with the ’Fittest Woman on Earth’ crown. Now Iceland has ’World’s Fittest’ to add to its previous accolades of ’World’s Strongest’ and ’World’s Most Beautiful’. Annie is but 21 years of age and still at University (and yes she has a strong muscly boyfriend!). It will be interesting to see if she chooses to defend her title next year, or moves onto something totally different - as is often the Icelandic way!

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