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Drewry's Thematic Approach to New Coronavirus Hub Breaks All-Time Daily and Monthly Engagement Records

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We interviewed James Harley, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Drewry Shipping Consultants, about the success of his recently created Coronavirus Hub. You will have seen a number of Coronavirus Hubs go up on Affino sites recently, and each has its own particular formula for curating and presenting Themed, Topical Content based on a variety of Coronavirus impact factors - but essentially guides for navigating those turbulent waters.


For Drewry, the Thematic approach employed on this landing page is quite different to the rest of the site which very particularly targets the audience based on specific industry streams / sectors, job roles and areas of expertise. The Coronavirus Hub by contrast has a much broader purview which leads to a broader appeal overall.


The end result is that various different disciplines are reading the same material and being exposed to parts of Drewry’s offerings that they would not typically have been exposed to previously. James is a real advocate of using Affino Conversion Events to track every engagement activity and different degrees of engagement accrue variously between 2 and 10 points for activities ranging from Article Read to Webinar Attendance and Report / Product Review. You get nothing for simply landing on a gateway page - there has to be some sort of measured response.


As the key provider of global shipping intelligence, Drewry typically thrives in uncertain times - when the need for key insights, data and consultancy is at its highest. The new Coronavirus Hub has allowed Drewry to better leverage its broader portfolio, reputation, and educational credentials in particular.


James talks about the need to engage in Thought Leadership and be able to best martial your resources and present them in as accessible fashion as possible for the broader audience. Drewry are one of many Affino clients who have taken a leadership stance for their industry - and brought various parties within that industry together in one place - where they have rarely if ever mixed together to such a degree.


The Coronavirus Hub was turned around by the Affino Projects Team in collaboration with James and the Drewry team in under a week, and on the day the Hub was announced via Newsletter - engagement literally went through the roof - as can be seen on the following two Conversion Event Engagement Level Charts :

Daily Engagement Chart

The first Daily Website Engagement Levels chart shows the extent of the elevated engagement activity triggered by the Coronavirus Hub official launch on April 22nd. The two previously noted spikes are from a couple of very heavily promoted product launches - namely the Cancelled Sailings Trackers - which chart key changes in global shipping activity for the number of active sailings and port waiting times.


The two prior events were far more heavily marketed and promoted compared to just the basic Newsletter announcement of the Hub, and the corresponding Feature Scroller Banner on the home page.

Monthly Engagement Chart

The second Monthly Website Engagement Levels chart show how April has broken 250,000 Engagement Points for the first time - and the Hub has only just recently been unveiled - so April should be a pretty unprecedented month for Drewry. As before - spikes in engagement typically indicate major marketing activity around new product launches.


The take-aways from this exercise are that all brands, companies and organisations that want to be relevant within the current circumstances - need to take on a leadership and educational role. We are living in the most uncertain of times, and people need more information than ever before to appropriately help steady the ship.


If you don't yet have a Coronavirus Hub on your site your really should look to getting one up. And if you're fortunate to be running on Affino - that process is about as quick and easy as it can be. We've shared lots of our own insights and video guides on how to build your own Coronavirus Hub.


To ensure that your business is relevant and fully present within today's currency you must adopt a more educational and altruistic stance to your operation. This is about helping everyone to get through these difficult times - about sharing knowledge and experience, and fully serving the broader community you are active within.


If you need further guidance or assistance - don't hesitate to contact any of our frontline staff - we are all doing our very best to ensure everyone gets through this as well as possible.

Final Update

Final Update

James just provided me with the final end-of month target reached for April - or 371,000 monthly engagement points - per the above graph.

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