10 Steps Forward for Affino 7.1

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The upcoming Affino 7.1 release is another significant step forward for Affino. It will see completely new search and messaging engines, greatly improves sales and marketing automation, much more usable relationship management, much improved stats and reporting, refined mobile experience, and smaller pages.


All of these key improvements aren’t simply incremental, they are dramatically better.


New Site Search Engine


Site Searches will be much faster and much more capable. You’ll be able to use conditional OR and NOT searches, check for word proximity, similar searches, fuzzy searches, range searches and phrase searches. Even better, almost everything will be indexed in near-real-time.


Messaging v2


We’re reworking the entire messaging system, so it will be much more capable, run powerful message campaigns, act as auto-responder, with multiple message type options including SMS. We’re also further introducing a completely new level of message campaign analysis.


Sales and Marketing Automation


Affino 7.1 has greatly improved sales and marketing automation, with a much improved customer ladder, reports and charts. This is a big deal for online sales, e.g. messaging a sales person when a shopping basket fails, or if a person has filled out a form and watched a demo video.


Updated Stats


We’ve reworked the way we log / crunch all Affino’s stats to restore Affino’s ability to track things up to the last two years. This means significant improvements to most of the analysis screens. Not only that, but the Dashboards will be useful again.


Improved Relationships


Related Items have been massively upgraded, all ajax driven for instant selections with the ability sort relationships plus create two way relationships instantly.


Smaller Pages


We’re crunching down the pages, removing a lot of the tables, shifting more to CSS, and building compression directly into Affino. This means even faster pages and the ability for your sites to serve more pages within each hosting band.


More Mobile


Improved mobile Control Centre, and significantly improved mobile interfaces on the live sites.


Improved SEO Management


We’ll be introducing some new SEO power tools for SEO pros to make tagging up an Affino site that much easier.


More Social


Updated Invite system so it can pull in friends / contacts from key social networks, notify of new friends joining and much more.


Even More Usable and Productive

We’re implementing another 100 or so important usability and productivity improvements in Affino 7.1. These will make many tasks significantly faster and easier.


Smooth Runnings

Affino 7 was a major new platform, and inevitably there were a number of issues that arose. Most were resolved in December shortly after release in the Affino 7.0.1 version. We’re looking to have fixed nearly every reported Affino 7 bug in 7.1.


It’s hard to stress just how much better Affino will be in 7.1, but we’re sure you will all notice the difference.

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