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Affino's Unified Business Platform at the Core of Charity Digital's Popular 'Be More Digital Conference' Live Virtual Event - alongside Zoom and Remo

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Charity Digital runs Be More Digital Conference on Affino

Affino powers Charity Digital's Be More Digital Conference Live Event

Charity Digital's Be More Digital Conference Live Event makes great use of Affino

Everyone involved in event productions knows just how much organisation is needed for Live Events. Every such event has various phases which require a suite of events solutions and a means to target and inform the audience.


In this instance the essential coordinating resource at the centre of activities is the Affino Unified Business Platform which delivers the Events Hub and Webinar Sessions Framework.


You need charismatic Presenters, Moderators and Hosts - with relatively lively and engaging presentations. You also need some place to bring everything together.


On this occasion the ’Be More Digital Conference’ is targeted at 2,000 Registered Attendees over 3 days - with around 11 agenda points on each day, and with multiple breakout, networking and Q&A sessions.

Core Messaging

Core Messaging

All of this planning and organisation starts months before the actual event - where the appropriate messaging and newsletter elements need to be prepared well in advance - in order to engage, inform and corral the relevant audience.


Charity Digital use long-term partner Dotdigital to format and marshal a strategic messaging campaign - which stars of as a Teaser and Announcement - but then communicates the key aspects of the rules of engagement / participation.


There are regular audience alerts - up to 15 minutes in advance of the Live Event Start. And fast follow-ups afterwards - referencing further collaboration resources, downloads, videos and other key relevant materials related to the event.


We at Affino place particularly importance on keeping the audience primed as long as possible - and in the right mindset to participate, interact and collaborate. It's in everyone's best interests to maintain the relationships for as long as possible, leveraging live events to drive deeper ongoing engagement.

The Central Essential Core Events Hub

The Central Essential Core Events Hub

Events deserve a permanent digital space - which brings together all the elements of the Event and enables them to be accessed and used consistently before and after the live events. A Central Hub is essential for ensuring the success of an Event - both on the day and into the future.


Affino has an exceptionally rich, flexible and productive framework for coordinating events - as is seen for the Charity Digital 'Be More Digital' event. In fact deployed here are both Affino's Events Framework, and the granularly defined Itineraries that are Affino's recently updated Seminar Module.


In this instance each Agenda item is assigned to a Seminar element which then builds up the Itinerary for each day. Affino coordinates the core event Registration, and then hands off to the relevant Event solution partners - which on this occasion are Zoom Webinars, and Remo Virtual Networking Rooms and Tables.


All the key assets and services are coordinated through the Afffion solution - for an as seamless experience as is possible.

The Granular Seminar Agendas and Itineraries

The Granular Seminar Agendas and Itineraries

The Affino Seminar Service is essential for smooth and seamless running of such events as it's the central coordinating resource that brings everything together.


Attendees can set up granular personalised itineraries and each segment references and links through to the relevant element. Meaning you're only ever one click away from where you need to be. These can easily be added to calendars or emailed.


The Seminar format allows you to combine and share all essential resources - guiding the audience and providing comprehensive and immediately accessible resources.

Zoom Presentations and Webinars

Zoom Presentations and Webinars

Charity Digital added engaging interactions within the individual sessions - frequently using Zoom Polls and references to keep the audience alert and involved.


Affino has had great success with Zoom since the onset of Coronavirus, and it's proven a great replacement for in-person meetings and conferences.


The hand-off between Affino and Zoom here is wholly effortless - yes you need to Register separately for the Zoom session, but it all happens sleekly and painlessly. That said we've become very accustomed and acclimatised to Zoom over these past 12 months - and most of it is is very second nature know.


Top tip here is to prepare a common background for presentations - a sort of Themed masthead as such - which makes everything look more polished and interconnected.


Zoom Q&A

Zoom Q&A

Questions were gathered throughout the individual Presentations - courtesy of the text-based Zoom Q&A function.


Immediately after the Presentations, Event Host Elizabeth Carter interviewed each Presenter - in this case Chris Lowe of Salesforce - who conducted the first session - 'Constituent Experience is Relationships are King'. All this went down seamlessly and smoothly.

Remo Networking Space

Remo Networking Space

When we attended PPA's virtual events last year they utilised the Hopin Platform for their Networking solution of choice.


Remo is a slightly more polished looking and more colourful version of that - while both solutions have some operational challenges to them - like with Remo the lack of an obvious 'Exit' button for leaving a table.

Event Takeaways

Event Takeaways

I came away with two significant statistics which I had indeed heard before, but they still resonated with me. Namely most consumers' high expectations of seamless and frictionless digital experiences. Also the patience threshold and the 26% sign-up fall-out!


We know that digital experiences need to be made ever more seamless and effortless - and that consumers will always expect more.


Generally though, and as regards 'Be More Digital' - everyone acquitted themselves really well, and all proceedings went down particularly smoothly,


I would advocate a Collaboration Forum Space for follow-up interactions - which could also be then used as the lead-in to the next event!


Charity Digital have done sterling work here - with so much attention to detail throughout. All those super helpful video guides and speaker introductions.


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