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Affino Seeks accomplished ColdFusion Developer with strong technical skills

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Affino is looking to grow its Projects Team to handle an expanding workload. We seek a dedicated, self-motivated individual who works well as part of a team, and can also operate independently. The Affino Team / A-Team is a closely knit collaborative unit even though we are a distributed company and all members work largely from home. The team dynamic is vital to the success of the company, so the successful candidate must possess the right skill-set, as well as get on really well with all ...

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All Quiet on the Cloud Farms

CPU City

If feels like we’ve been through the wars, through the grinder, been churned up, chewed up and mashed up. It’s amazing what changing the entire application technology stack can do for you. It’s also amazing what it can do to you.


As you can see from the chart above, our days have been somewhat turbulent recently, fortunately that’s all changed in the past 48 hours.


Ever since we decided to move Affino to an auto-scaling platform we knew there would come...

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Affino 7 Release

AccessAdminAffinoanalysisanalyticsblogsbusinesscoldfusioncommerceComrzControlcontrol centreCRMdesigndesign centredesign elementsDevelopmentDisplayDynamic FormseCardsEditingeventsfaqsFlashFlowForumhelpImagesItemjobjobsloginmain menuMediaMenusModulesNewslettersPriceProductivitypublishingregistrationRelated ItemsSearchSecurityseoservicesSettingsSkinSocialsocial commerceStandardsStartStartingstatisticsSupportUpgrade+-

Our priority for Affino 7 has been to make the most productive platform available for running your business online. The integrated nature of Affino means you only have to manage your community, content, products, design, , promotions and analytics in one place. This is by far the most effective approach for managing an online business. What we have done with Affino 7 is to improve in every way how how you manage your online business.


Affino 7 has a New Control Centre, with the pages ...

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Affino 7 Key Technologies

adobeAdobe ColdFusionAffinoAffino 7AmazonAmazon AWSApacheApache TomcatcoldfusionComrzLinuxMicrosoft SQL ServerMicrosoft WindowsSclarSQL ServerWindowsWindows Server+-

A lot of technologies go into delivering Affino. These start right from the product design and architecture stage; through the project management, development and quality assurance process; and finally the delivery and day-to-day serving of Affino sites. All in all Comrz is using close to 100 different techs related to Affino.


There are some that we couldn’t do without, and which are the key engines that serve Affino pages to millions of users day in and day out. These are:


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Affino 7's Updated Cloud Architecture



Scale, Speed, being Current and Automation are the driving forces behind the evolution of the Affino 7 cloud architecture.


ColdFusion 10


The major catalyst for the upgraded Affino Cloud Architecture is ColdFusion 10. Affino has a long history as a ColdFusion application, dating back to the original ColdFusion Beta from Allaire.


ColdFusion has come a long way since then, and it is now primarily a RAD application platform built on top of Java. In practice we ...

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All Change for Affino 7


It’s all change for Affino 7. Work is underway on what’s going to be the biggest Affino release since we started Comrz.


Here’s a heads up on some of the highlights you will be seeing:



In the biggest architecture shakeup in Affino’s history, we’re going to be moving Affino to ColdFusion 10 / Tomcat / Axis 2.0 / Apache / Quartz / Solr all in one go. The great news is that Affino 7 is already working well on this architecture.


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Affino Platform Upgrades

AffinocoldfusionHTML5MicrosoftPartnersplatformSQL Server+-

It’s taken a while, but we’re very happy with how Affino is now running on the Amazon and Yotta clouds. There’s been a solid couple of years effort now to tune it and optimise it, and things are working out extremely well right now.


It means that it’s time to update some of the key platform elements so that we can take advantage of some of the great new developments from our infrastructure partners and software providers. The key benefits we can see are going to...

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