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Affino Responsive Design - Rapid Iterations

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Affino 7.5 is coming along nicely and at the heart of the release are some great design improvements and the most important is the Responsive Design Centre.


The Classic Design Centre


We have completed the evolution of the current Affino Design Centre so that it has become the ’Classic Design Centre’ in the new release. This will allow you to work on your existing skins until you make the move to the new Design Centre, however there will be no further evolution of the Classic Design Centre following the release of Affino 7.5.


It is essential to note that whilst the classic Skins (page designs) will broadly remain the same, we will continue to support them and their compatibility with the latest browsers. We will also continue to evolve the underlying components and toolkits we use for them. Most importantly we will continuously update JQuery and JQuery UI, which from Affino 7.5 will be on the 2.x versions. This means that we are prioritising Affino for the latest browsers and devices and will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and below.


New Responsive Design Centre


The new Responsive Design Centre is also coming along well. This will simply be known as the Design Centre and when you make the move it will be seamless for you with all the familiar Affino design tools at your disposal. We will though be making a couple of name changes for clarity. The key changes are that Design Menus will now be Design Frames and Dynamic Menus become Drop-down Menus.


Rapid Iterations


We have taken the decision to iterate faster and bring the new Design Centre out sooner rather than later. We have completed all our initial experiments for the new Design Centre and are well under way with rolling out the new design functionality.


For the initial responsive design roll out, the focus is on speed and consistency and getting the new responsive design capabilities into your hands at the earliest opportunity. We will then continue to evolve the design and management tools to bring them right up to the leading edge. We have some stunning design interfaces lined up for you.


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