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Affino 7 Control Centre Evolution

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The Affino 7 Control Centre will build on familiar metaphors. Behind the scenes it’s all change though with every single screen having been updated.


You will be more productive at doing almost any management task, whatever the context.


New Look


Expect a great new look. It’s a natural evolution for Affino, and is better suited to the mix of desktop and mobile environments Affino is used in. It will also be faster.


No Screen Left Behind


We have been on a year-long process of updating every Control screen to be more effective at delivering what is needed. We will complete that process in Affino 7, with dozens of interfaces becoming much more useful.




One of the biggest compromises we made with the Affino Control Centre was using frames to display the navigation elements. This was essential at the time to allow for dynamic drill-down navigation, but it meant that the URLs were no longer representative of what you were doing.


Frames are deprecated, they’re on the way out. Although they’re still supported by browsers they are no longer the best way to do things. HTML 5 offers us better alternatives. This will mean though that you will need a modern browser to manage Affino sites. IE7 doesn’t cut it any more.




You will be able to directly link through to any management screen using simple URLs. No more clicking around required.


Also when you share a URL, it will be exactly the screen you’re referring to. Something which will be particularly useful for support.


There is a massive benefit for Affino development with this approach in that we can now run a great deal more automated tests on the Control Centre, which should ensure higher quality levels all round.




We’re working through every control screen again to ensure that the highest level of security is in place for each one. Since nothing is more important.


Less Flashy


Since Flash simply doesn’t work on mobile devices any more (and never really did) we’ve been busy removing it for the past year and a half. Affino 7 sees the removal of all but two Flash control elements (Dashboards and the Media Editor) which will be converted to HTML 5 in the following release.


Design Centre


The biggest overhaul in Affino 7 comes in the Design Centre, with the new HTML-based Object Designer. There will also be other improvements throughout the Design Centre which make it easier and more intuitive.


Messaging v2


We have looked at how Affino does bulk messaging, and are completely changing it for Affino 7. The new version will be significantly more powerful and more intuitive.


Smarter Selectors


We have greatly improved most of the popup selectors in Affino this past year, however many are still clunky. In Affino 7 they will all work in a new dynamic and much more usable way. We can’t wait for this.


Hopefully you’ll get a feel for just how significant this release will be when it comes to the day to day task of managing your Affino sites.


Let us know what you think.

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