Affino 6.0.5 Release

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Predictive Site Search v2

This is a significant stability release for users who are running Affino 6.0.4. It is recommended that you update to this version at the earliest opportunity. There are fixes across the board and a couple of great new features that didn’t quite make it into the last release.


Owing to the timing of this release (i.e. just before the Christmas Break), we have excluded a number of the latest project related developments from it to ensure the smoothest Affino experience over the festive season and into 2011. These will be released in a further Affino release early in the New Year.


Upgrade Guidance


This is a minor release following on from the major Affino 6.0.4 release a couple of weeks ago. It is recommended that if you’re on 6.0.4 that you update at the earliest opportunity since there are key fixes across the board in this release.


If you are having issues with your catalogue items, in particular with catalogue item attributes and inventory variations then most likely your custom catalogue item templates will need updating which is outside the scope of this update. 


It is essential that you run through the complete update process starting with the Affino Updater, followed by the System Update, Re-Initialise Site, Design Element Update and Skin Update; all of which are available on the Settings > Update screen.


Key Enhancements


Predictive Site Search v2

Affino Site Search sees major improvements in its predictive search capabilities so that it now shows a great preview panel with the search results categorised, with thumbnails and teasers where relevant. Catalogue Items will also show prices, allowing users to instantly have the key information at their fingertips.


Online Forms v2

Online Forms were one of the first elements to be developed in Affino and they have hardly been touched in ten years. This release sees a major upgrade with the release of the new Online Form Design Element which means that Online Forms can now be included in any page either in the form of a Button Activated form or a full Inline form.


Online Forms are now all instant so that they are now submitted without the page refreshing. This means they can be used much more effectively when engaging with users for sales and support purposes. They also allow for greatly improved landing pages where simple data capture is required.


Other Enhancements


Design Menus – it is now possible to specify large as well as medium and small for the menu title


Forums – forums now have predictive search, simply start typing in the search box on any forum and see the drop-down of suggested results


Optimisation – further minor Affino optimisations


Registration – new contact preferences for users


SMS Alerts – Affino will soon be able to send out SMS alerts. The core SMS engine is now in place and Affino has been designed to work with TXT Local (UK). It is an extensible setup so it will be simply for Comrz to add new SMS providers to the list. More details will be available on this in future Affino releases.




Article Highlights – no longer show when there are no highlights available


Broken Links –removed the top Affino errors which were causing showing up in the Broken Links stats


Catalogue Item Import – further fixes and improvements in data handling


Contacts – fixed issue which was causing contact editor to error out


Custom Products – fixed so that correct templates are now being displayed on live product pages


Documents – no longer take you to the login screen even when you’re logged in with the correct privileges


Dynamic Forms – fixed issue which was causing Dynamic Forms creation to error out


Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn – major refinements and essential fixes in how Affino connects to the key social networks making this an essential update if you are going to be connecting with any of these networks


Forums – fixed issue with page navigation returning empty pages


Google Base – updated Google Analytics tracking code to be: &utm_source=google&utm_medium=merchant%2Bcenter&utm_campaign=products


Google Sitemaps – Include Hidden Content option now available on the Sitemap Profile where Affino owners want to publish all their hidden content to Google


Guest Cache – fixed the automation on cache refreshing to ensure that popular pages are pre-cached automatically for instant delivery to users


Highlights Scroller DE – no longer overrides the Dynamic Menus


Internet Explorer 8 – numerous compatibility fixes with IE8


Live Editor – fixed issues which were preventing events from being added when Title Formatting is enabled on a site


Main Menu – Home link restored


Media Library – Slideshow Media Presentation Style fixed on IE8


Micro Blog DE – fixed help text which was misleading users


MP3 Player – fixed issue which was causing it to error out


My Account – fixed issue which was causing My Account screen to error out; fixed issue with copying My Account profiles


Pending Users – fixed issue which meant it was not possible to delete some pending users


Polls – now showing results consistently as per the poll settings


Public Profile – added the default settings for member’s media pages; fixed issue which was causing public profiles to error out


Registration – fixed it so that users who have just registered are not returned immediately back to the registration screen


User Management – changing user details no longer blanks out their passwords


Video Player – embedding can now be turned on and off reliably on videos (again)

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