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Why Taking Control of your First Party Data is critical for Future Success

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Take Control of Your Data with the Affino Unified Business Platform

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Harness the Native Power of Affino's automated Business Trackers

We witnessed a number of paradigm shifts in 2020 on the road to the ending of 3rd Party Cookie support.


Apple in particular was highly active on the user security front - introducing default 3rd Party Cookie Blocking right across its software portfolio. iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur all ushered in a new age of user-centric protections - to help prevent third party exploits which happen all too frequently on the internet.


And while Apple’s Safari and Firefox’s browsers were the first to institute such a policy, Microsoft Edge followed not long after. In fact the only hold-out really is Google’s Chrome Browser / Platform which also ties into Google’s DoubleClick Advertising, Google Analytics products and the wider Google franchise.


Where consumers have benefitted enormously from the enhanced security introduced by these changes, conversely Google’s embedded ads and trackers have suffered a historic decline. In fact far too many sites rely totally on Google Analytics, which now gets blocked by most progressive browsers.


Business Success is ever tied to Business Intelligence - the ability to track to a fine degree exactly what users / consumers are doing on your digital properties / websites. For anyone wanting accurate and reliable stats, Google Analytics can no longer deliver those, a point we feel Google should be much more open and explicit about.


The remedy and solution is for you to have native elements which are integral within your online activities - which automatically and robustly measure the audience’s activity, are fully privacy and GDPR compliant, and are exempted by blockers and privacy protectors. This is what is referred to as 1st party data, captured natively within the platform and in turn data managed by the site owning company versus third party platforms.


Affino’s Approach to First Party Data

A technology like the Affino Unified Business Platform is just the solution that can deliver those high level analytics within the core suite. Very few platforms give you as much empowerment, productivity and proficiency as Affino - where everything is developed into the core of the solution and it interacts, reacts and transacts directly with your audience in real-time - wholly automatically and continuously.


There are other systems and technologies which you can embed within your web platform via API and Web Services. But none offer the same pervasive ease of use that Affino does. You really need that data to be in the best accessible position to dynamically steer your business and organisation forward.


You need Active Business Intelligence - to be fully in control of you destiny, and Affino is a key to that success. We encourage you to reach out to CEO Markus Karlsson and CCO Jonathan Collins - via or on 020 3393 3240 - they can put you fully in the picture of where your success lies.

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year