Posted on19 November 2015 1:49 PM GMT Responsive Phase 1 finally officially complete!

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We’ve been working on updating responsive for quite some time now - discussions have been ongoing for a couple of years in total. We’ve been extraordinarily busy throughout this time though and our Client projects have always taken precedence and pushed back down the priority list. We kind of had a version that could have gone live in May, but we decided at the prototype stage that we could significantly improve on what was ready then. We’ve always had quite ambitious plans, but how busy we are limits what can be achieved in practical terms within a constantly changing timescale - so we’ve had to cut back on initial intentions several times now and postpone a significant part of the development to phase two - which will happen next year.


The new responsive actually went live nearly a month ago - on October 22nd, but it was not wholly feature-complete then, and some pages / refinements / snagging still remained, and our Affino Discovery Video was not yet complete. Head of Design and Build - Mark Foster and myself are very proud to announce the completion of Phase 1, and we hope all will enjoy using the new site and appreciate the thought and attention to detail that has gone into it.


We spent a lot of time carefully selecting the colour palette, unique fonts which suitably complemented the branding and tone of the design, and instituting smart brand echoes - such as the 3 circular icons in the top navigation which reinforce the 3 circles which make up the Affino ident.


The Home Page is devised as a persuasion funnel - and contains all the necessary elements and collateral to positively influence potential customers to interact with us.


Other key pages include:



Solution - The Affino Solution Overview



Discovery - The Introduction to Affino Video



Onboard - Our Collaborative Campaign



About - Mini-profiles of key customer-facing Affino Team members


Posted by Stefan
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