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Affino 7.1 Release - Super Scaling and Deep Engagement

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Affino 7.1 is now out, and it’s a major release in every way. Whilst there are many aspects to this Affino release, the two key threads are improved scaling and greater engagement. Affino 7.1 has been significantly re-architected to scale with new search and analytics engines. With the release of Affino 7.1 we will also be migrating sites to our new super-scaling cloud.


We’ve rolled out big updates to many core Affino services including Messaging, Search, Analysis, Customer...

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All Change for Affino 7


It’s all change for Affino 7. Work is underway on what’s going to be the biggest Affino release since we started Comrz.


Here’s a heads up on some of the highlights you will be seeing:



In the biggest architecture shakeup in Affino’s history, we’re going to be moving Affino to ColdFusion 10 / Tomcat / Axis 2.0 / Apache / Quartz / Solr all in one go. The great news is that Affino 7 is already working well on this architecture.


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Checklist for Evolving your Social Commerce Site

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For any online business to succeed and remain relevant, you need to continuously review what is and isn’t working. At a minimum you shuld do an annual review where you check your assumptions and apply your learnings for the year.


We’re often asked to help work through this process. Below is a useful checklist when you’re looking to update your online business.


Target Market


The most important element is identifying your target market, i.e. who’...

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Affino 6.0.16 Release - Core Affino Updates

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Affino 6.0.16 is the final significant Affino 6 release. It’s the culmination of a greatly improved Affino user experience where almost every interface has been enhanced during the course of the last couple of years. We’ve focused on smoothing out the remaining rough edges in Affino 6 and it’s now a whole level easier than it’s ever been.


This release sees the introduction of Cookie Policies to meet the EU Privacy Directive. These are smart and geo-targeted so ...

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New Comrz News Presentation Style makes for the Ultimate Topical News Resource

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Markus was not happy with how our News pages looked on Comrz, and I was set the task to devise a new presentation template to showcase the very best of news delivery currently available on the web. I spent several days trawling all the major news sites, and was particularly impressed with several of these, largely - BBC, CNN and The Guardian. The idea was to produce the Ultimate Topical News Resource - where you could easily seek out, list and review key news stories by key criteria.



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Affino Beta Labs - Hardcore Research at Comrz

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Affino Messenger v2 Pre-Alpha

We’re heavily into R & D at the moment in the Comrz Virtual Research and Development Labs. Three projects in particular are going to have a big impact over the coming year.


Affino Messenger v2


One of the things we get asked about the most is "when will the next generation of Affino Messenger come out so that we can re-enable instant messaging on our site". The good news is that it is now well under-way and we are looking to release a Beta version with the next Affino...

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September 2010 Affino Updater - Going Mobile

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Affino 6 Logo

The Affino releases have been coming thick and fast over the past month. We introduced a lot of ground-breaking functionality in Affino 6, in particular the new Customer Ladder and Gaming Engine. We also introduced a further 300 features.


Affino 6.0 is Wrapped


The past month has seen the extensive roll-out of Affino 6 and the Comrz team has been rapidly evolving Affino as usability issues and real-world problems arose. We’ve pretty much nailed the issues and managed to ...

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As anyone who knows me will attest, I am a huge fan of the BBC family of websites generally, and in the past have often referenced parts of the BBC Site in terms of best practice implementation for certain functionality and interfaces.

However! In my opinion, the new design of the BBC News pages takes them back significantly in terms of best practice usability. The BBC has adopted a ’Blog’ style format, dispensing with the contextual left-hand Main Menu, and instead rendering a more...

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Comrz Logo

If you’re an active user of the website then you’ll notice a few changes over the past couple of weeks. The big Affino change is that we’re running the latest build of Affino 5.5.15 and as such have a host of new capabilities available to us. On top of that we’ve updated a number of page layouts and rolled out a few key new channels with useful content and videos.


This has been the first serious change to the Comrz site to better suit the...

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