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Email Reputation

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Key guidance on maintaining a positive email reputation and avoiding being classified as a spam organisation.

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New Generation Affino SaaS Stack

AffinoAffino SaaSApp StackFeaturedhostingPower to the Max+-

This time last year we launched Affino 8 in what was the biggest move forward for the Affino SaaS in a decade. This year we’re moving Affino to an entirely new hosting architecture and app stack, in what is the biggest advance in Affino’s architecture in six years.


5th Generation Amazon AWS Services


The single biggest change we’re making is the move to Amazon’s latest generation AWS Services. These provide a host of great improvements in terms of ...

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No New Products at HMV and Fopp Marks Further Demise of the Guy-Street

Convent GardenFoppHMVMusic IndustryMusic MegastoreMusic RetailOxford StreetVideo Retail+-

For the uninitiated, the ’Guy-Street’ is the part of the High Street that generally appeals to male shoppers - stereotypical for sure but it mostly holds up. Around 10-20 years ago there were a myriad of shops for the average bloke to browse through while the more retail-oriented part of the family properly hit the shops. I like to use Oxford Street as a benchmark as it is relevant to this particular article. Over the years it has been home to at least 4 record stores at the same ...

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The Future of Digital Music 2019

Album Releases 2019Breakthrough Artists 2019Future Music 2019Future of MusicNew Artists 2019New Music 2019+-

First things first - I used to call these features ’The Future of Music Online’ but feel said moniker is a little bit old-fashioned and probably has been for a while. I’m really talking about Digital Music - and to break it down further could go as far as to say just digital music streaming and playback - or ’Spotify’. I actually used to be subscribed to Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. I subscribed to the last one named to access Prince’s full catalogue back ...

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Film Release Highlights for 2019

At the Movies 2019Film Highlights 2019Film Releases 2019FilmsmoviesWhat to Watch+-

As all the commentators are saying - 2019 is likely to be very much the year of Disney - with all its main studios active on the release schedule - Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar and of course the main Disney Pictures Studio. Leading the way are 5 Marvel films, we get Toy Story 4 from Pixar, Star Wars Episode IX from Lucasfilm - and an assortment of mostly live re-makes of Disney Classics - like Aladdin, Dumbo and The Lion King. Notably for me also, one of my favourite Directors - Quentin Tarantino ...

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Family Cyber Security

Ever since I read the Motherboard article:


’Your ’Anonymous’ Browsing Data Isn’t Actually Anonymous’


I became aware of just how little data is requried to identify the average individual from an anonymous browsing history, it’s just seven clicks.


If you leave your browser open on many mainstream media sites your details will inadvertently be passed to dozens of IP addresses, and behind each address is likely an organisation that ...

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Affino SasS 2018 In Review

2017AffinoAnnual ReviewFeaturedreview+-
Affino in review 2018


2018 was a year where we focused on the fundamentals of providing a great service: speed, simplicity, compliance, compatibility, performance and usability. Much of what we did was low level work, such as optimising hundreds of individual data lookups, speeding up the performance of each page delivered, resolving all bugs that arose, and tightening up Affino’s security on every level.


The big ticket developments were the release of Affino 8, the completion and launch of ...

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from the team at Affino

Affinohappy holidaysXmas GreetingYear in Review+-

The Affino team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thank you very much for your continuous support in 2018 and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year.


There have been so many great new developments with Affino over the course of the year, and it’s ended with a bang with the Performance Release which is out today, so we’re looking forward to 2019 when we’ll be launching the new generation of Affino ecommerce, subscription ...

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Best of Entertainment 2018 - Film, TV, Albums, Songs, and Graphic Novels

Best Albums 2018Best Films 2018Best Graphic Novels 2018Best Songs 2018Best TV 2018Entertainment 2018+-

I think the byword for this year has to be ’eclectic’ as there seems to have been no single unifying theme in any of these categories. No specific genre type dominated or set the scene - and there were excellent representatives of pretty much every kind of sub-genre. I found it easy to assemble the first 10 selections, much more tricky to then limit the selection to 20, and hardest of all to place them into a specific order. I would say largely the top few or 10 are the most ...

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Affino 8.0.12 - The Performance Release


This Affino release is the fourth and final major release of 2018, and is all about performance. Affino’s page speed delivery has been improved by between 40% and 300% across the board, which will be followed by a further 30% improvement in the new year when Affino moves to the new app stack and hosting architecture. The improvement in speed should directly lead to greater engagement, longer sessions, more reads per session and more productive management.


Individual performance ...

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