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Full-Throttle Development

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Extreme Programming has been pushing the Affino platform forward since its inception in 1998 - for a long while now encompassing the Agile Sprint methodology. Affino has had prodigious intent from the start, and the pace of development can best be described as turbo-charged for all these past 18 years. Right from the beginning, Affino was different - being launched originally as ’The Interactive CMS’ because of its wholly integrated social / community functions + features - way ahead of that sector then as now. We envisaged Affino as the best means to initiate relationships, engage and develop proper affinity with a company’s or organisation’s customer base - fully targeting and incetivising them while ongoingly and increasingly rewarding their loyalty.


Business Drivers

Affino’s aim has always been the ultimate platform for delivering services via the digital medium - including selling any kind of goods really - physical or intangible, and managing most of the significant customer-facing activities through the same platform and same central database. For ’Classic Affino’ it took the best part of 10 years to get all of the most significant ingredients into the mix, but technology is forever on the move, and so we must continue to recalibrate and target new horizons. Few understand the scope of the complexity we deal with on a daily basis, as we simply deliver so much more through our unified core than anyone else has dared attempt, and everything we do has to be carefully engineered to work cleverly and seamlessly together. Much of what we do is unseen, and our amazing staff / crew rarely receive the recognition or acclaim they so richly deserve. What is entirely more visible though is the myriad advantages the system enables.


Pooling Resources

The great benefit of Affino to its customers has always been that Affino is developed within a common mindset - to bring smart innovation and synergies to all who deploy it. Everything developed in Affino is done so from multiple perspectives and to all our customers’ requirements. Beyond the enormous scope of what the Affino platform encompasses, there is actually no fat as such - it is all now entirely lean. In working on the revolutionary Affino Responsive Version, we have in fact had to build a parallel Affino almost from scratch. The Scale of Classic Affino is already at Aircraft-Carrier-Level, yet new Responsive Affino in its first iteration carries all the same core functionality and is a much more efficient machine - utilising 70% less code on the page for instance. We haven’t quite yet rolled out every single aspect of the Classic format’s feature set, fortunately some of those elements are now technologically obsolete and can be quietly deprecated. Yet we’ve already been working on Affino Responsive for the best part of 5 years. Overall, that’s 18 years of break-neck-pace development, with all the experience of delivering such systems around the world, and for some of the world’s most demanding clients.


Track Stars

We have a reputation built on solid graft, ingenuity and innovation, yet some of our prospects still challenge us with questions like ’Why should I use the Affino Platform if my number one competitor does?’. We simply encourage you to consider a Formula 1 analogy, and ask yourself whether you would not wish to have the best possible performing car to help secure a win. To not go with Affino you are putting your company at an enormous disadvantage as your Affino-powered competitors can do more than you, more efficiently, more productively and with a greater degree of automation. Some still think they can build something similar to Affino in a year or two, forgetting that Affino has had 18 years of extreme condition evolution, and that it is forged through the collective mindset of all of Affino’s innovative customers. All the key developments go into the core of the solution and can be called upon by all Affino customers - meaning that the collective mind-share is what fuels Affino almost as much as the ingenuity of our staff.


Winning Formula

Affino regularly wins prizes and new business for our customers, and puts them at a distinct advantage with one of the best performing digital business vehicles available anywhere. We’re talking about a complete unified digital business system here, controlled through a single, seamless interface, with unprecedented levels of automation and monetisation. It has helped propel our Clients to the forefront of their sectors. There is on reason why you should not be driving the most technically adept business vehicle to the forefront of your sector too! ...


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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year