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Over the last few months we’ve been remodelling and re-originating our ’Features’ pages to cover all the latest updates and patch releases. On the old site we handled Features somewhat differently and listed them on a more individual basis - meaning 60 or so separate articles (covering 100’s of features).


This time around we have largely taken a more holistic approach, and grouped Affino Features into more contextual / larger categories. We can probably accommodate all the essentials into around 25-30 articles this time around.


We’ve made solid progress so far, and their are 17 articles to scan through - listed in alphabetical order, with the most recent appearing at the top right of the page under ’Feature Focus’. Next article to go up will likely be ’Centralized Inline Recruitment’ and will detail all the new functionality that is out in the next imminent release for the Affino Recruitment / Jobs element.


For now ’Affino Features’ contains detailed coverage of the following:

  • Contextual Application Bar
  • Core-Connected CRM
  • Dual Related Items
  • Dynamic Responsive Design Centre
  • Extended Modular Events
  • Fluid Multiformat Subscriptions
  • Full-Spectrum Customer Engagement
  • Global and Granular Security
  • Hybrid Ecommerce
  • Persistent Content Delivery
  • Pervasive Taxonomy and Topic Management
  • Progressive Content Metering
  • Seamless Interactive Message Campaigns
  • Total Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Triple Targeted Responsive Campaigns
  • Unified Control Centre
  • Universal Media Business Platform

If you have any observations or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the usual Channels. If there is a Feature we have yet to cover that you have further interest in and would like to see more details for - please let us know about that too, and we will add it to our priority list.


Happy Reading!

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