Posted on12 January 2016 3:20 AM GMT

A most fitting tribute to David Bowie

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David Bowie has meant a great deal to my brothers and I throughout our lives. Our introduction was initially via the rather atypical Let’s Dance album, but we were encouraged to explore his earlier works and beyond, and found that we loved pretty much everything about him - his persona, his uniquely resonant singing voice, and his chameleon-like ability to continually evolve his style - musical and otherwise.


He is truly one of just a handful of musical icons who indelibly stamp their identity across the generations. The incredible thing is how so many of David’s fans have journeyed with him through the ages, and how he has managed to remain relevant and appealing while doing things entirely his own way.



The above video is a uniquely sequenced Soulwax anthology of an hour’s worth of most of Bowie’s memorable tracks, set to a suitably Bowiesque visual narrative, I can’t think of anything more fitting ... enjoy!



  1. Fame
  2. Starman
  3. Always Crashing in the Same Car
  4. Sound and Vision
  5. Sister Midnight (w. Iggy Pop)
  6. Red Money
  7. Golden Years
  8. Fashion
  9. D.J.
  10. Let’s Dance
  11. Never Let Me Down
  12. TVC 15
  13. Changes
  14. Under Pressure (w. Queen)
  15. Heroes / Héros / Heiden
  16. Absolute Beginners
  17. 1984
  18. The Man Who Sold The World (w. Lulu)
  19. Vicious (w. Lou Reed)
  20. Boys Keep Swinging
  21. Blue Jean
  22. China Girl (w. Iggy Pop)
  23. Ashes to Ashes
  24. Speed of Life / Diamond Dogs
  25. Rebel Rebel
  26. Kooks
  27. Look Back in Anger (w. Brian Eno)
  28. The Jean Genie
  29. Space Oddity / Ragazza Solo, Ragazza Sola
  30. Queen Bitch
  31. Chilly Down / Warszawa
  32. Five Years
  33. Ziggy Stardust
  34. Young Americans
  35. All the Young Dudes (w. Mott the Hoople)
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