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Thoughts on AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages - and Google's Strategy

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AMP Times

There are many thoughts on why Google has introduced AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some are that Google is looking to provide genuine benefits, and are focused on speeding up the mobile experience. Many thoughts however are that it is defensive and reactionary by Google, e.g. responding to Facebook’s Instant Articles.


Here are some of our initial thoughts, no doubt these will evolve as AMP evolves.


What do AMP Pages Deliver


AMP pages are supposed to be ...

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Getting Started with SEO on Affino (Updated)

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Ideal SEO Chart v1.1

Increasingly Affino training involves conversations on how to get started with SEO, here’s the Quick Start guide on SEO with Affino. SEO is one of the three key ways to promote your site.


This is Not an in-depth guide on how to use each of the Affino elements or on specific SEO strategies, rather it is to help you get started with the basics, i.e. a ’What to do’ rather than a ’How to’. Some of which happens in Affino, and some of which happens externally. ...

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The Best Meta Data for your Pages (aka The Things we Do so You Don't Have To)

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Affino Page Meta Data v3

Sometimes R & D projects grow out of all proportion. A simple request from a number of Affino users has been to add the Facebook Like button to Affino. Seemed simple enough, but pretty quickly we hit the Open Graph requirement (for references see below) which is that the pages have to contain specific Meta Data to work well with Facebook.


This lead to a nice bit or R & D which we thought we would share with you to see if anyone has any further thoughts / suggestions, and to give...

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Creating a Winning SEO Strategy

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Social Commerce News on Comrz

If you produce a product or service that you want to promote online, then you have to create content. From an SEO perspective you need to have very tight control over the release of this content so that it adds value to your online presence and becomes a key aspect of building your brand and driving sales online.


SEO is largely ’first come, first served’. Google Base, essential for promoting products with pricing online, actively filters out duplicate content and bars sites ...

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SEO Guides from Google


Google doesn’t provide a huge amount of guidance on what exactly to do for SEO, but they do provide two very useful documents, the first one is the Starter Guide which aims at getting you going with SEO from Google’s perspective. In practice everything is handled within Affino as long as you get your content and tagging right.


The second document which shows you much more of what a mine field things are is Google’s own SEO Report Card where Google evaluated its ...

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