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Maximising Revenue #2 - Affino's Holistic Approach vs Fragmented Social Commerce

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This post was prompted by an email we received last week stating - "How much do you lose to cart abandonment?" - from a certain something company offering a very specific solution for spotting, analysing and dealing with abandoned shopping carts. This highlights two very different approaches to eCommerce sites in general - most of the sites out there are what we would determine fragmented ’bolt-ons’ - i.e. a core eCommerce / checkout system with lots of 3rd party integrations - difficult to set-up, manage or evolve. The Affino Social Commerce Solution is a much more holistic approach, as all the essential tools and utilities are included and built into the very core of the system.


Most people don’t realise quite how much is available on-tap in Affino, so here follow some of the less obvious included elements - which very much sit within the areas of Sales and Marketing Automation and Social Utilities, all of these of course help with maximising revenues, improving customer retention and generating repeat sales:


Abandoned Cart Notifications

This is simply one of the many triggers within Affino’s Messaging solution - others include: Purchase, Login, Birthday and Conversion Event - all despatched fully automatically to incentivise customers


Conversion Events

Part of Affino’s Customer Ladder solution, there are currently 42 trigger types with subsets, including: Cancelled Purchase, Friend Bought from Invite, Item added to Basket, Item added to Wishlist and of course Purchase - these can auto-despatch a variety of messages, or trigger coupons, discounts, store credits or other rewards


Lead Generation

You can assign any Conversion Event to a Lead Generation Profile, which logs resultant leads and sends notifications to the appointed Leads Manager/s


Product Subscriptions

Another essential Conversion Event utility, where any conversion even can trigger a content subscription - such that customers get notification whenever a new product is added to a specified category



Based on topics assignment and registered user preferences / likes, Affino recommends content, media, products, contacts and events - so customers get more of what they like - and so do you


Active Shopping Basket Management

Track and manage active Shopping Baskets - help customers through the checkout process when they require assistance, and even prompt them when they show undue hesitation after adding to basket


Store Credits

Instantly reward customers for loyalty - both for making purchases, and other social activities like sharing and recommending products


Inventory Notifications / Low Stock Alerts

Inventory Management / automated alerts are essential for maintaining a healthy retail environment


Social Interaction / Sharing

Affino’s Community Solution allows customers to interact with each other and yourselves of course, recommending their purchases to friends and family and supporting other customers with their purchase queries - there is nothing stronger than a loyal customer advocate, and giving customers a voice generates a uniquely powerful promotional platform



Affino has extensive Commerce Analysis on top of Customer Ladder / Conversion Event Analysis - where you define the target points, also Analysis Dashboard with 54 configurable widgets (19 just for Commerce) and Google Analytics integration with core - to give you full and instantaneous insight to exactly what is happening on your site / store



Contact our Business Development Director Marcus Svensson on for further insights on the revenue generating abilities of the Affino Social Commerce Solution.

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