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It’s that time of year once more when we look to the future to see which lucky, plucky musicians stand to make a career out of their vocations. This year’s accumulative longlist numbers 102. I’ve excluded artists from other lists which I have myself featured in previous years, and anyone who has already released a proper official album - full-length mix-tapes and such are fine.


My short list (Top of the Props) is narrowed to a selection of just 11 - consisting of artists who get 3 or more mentions in those various lists. I am very happy to see Jack Garrat at the top of the tree, as he really embodies what future music-making is all about - a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist / songwriter, he layers up and loops tracks building up with his own percussion, synth bassline, rhythm guitar and effects. He is superb live, as he creates his backing on the fly - doing improv drum fills and guitar and keyboard solos as he sings. I also already have a load of singles and EP’s by the highly prodigious Mura Masa, whom I rate almost as highly.


I find that the BBC is usually the best guide to finding the most likely pop successors. It’s just a shame really that so few actually make it through the mangle. You can check through previous years to see the handful who manage to sustain a meaningful and rewarding career in this industry. For too many, music ends up as a hobby or a way in reserve second job, as only those who gain a significant following can derive a sufficent living standard from music alone.


There’s plenty of variety as always - and as always I gravitate towards Electronic, R&B and Soul ...


Top of the Props


By number of supporters then alphabetical:

Jack Garratt [Soulful Electro-Pop] (AM, BBC, Gw, MTV, Sp, +) x6



Nao [Sharp, Modern Neo-Soul] (AM, BBC, Gg, Gw, Sp, Id) x6



Blossoms [Contemporary Slickly-Produced Indie Rock] (AM, BBC, Gw, MTV, Sp) x5



Frances [Emotive Piano Pop] (AM, BBC, Gw, Id, Sp) x5



Mura Masa [Slick Modern Electronic-tinged Pop] (AM, AR, BBC, Gw, Sp) x5



Billie Marten [Elegant Acoustic Folk] (AM, AR, BBC, Gw) x4



Rat Boy [Punky Indie Rock] (AR, BBC, Gw, MTV) x4



Alessia Cara [Slick R&B Pop] (BBC, Gg, Gw) x3



Loyle Carner [Fluid Soulful UK Hip-Hop] (AR, BBC, Gw) x3



Mabel [Mini-Neneh, Soulful Pop] (BBC, Gw, Sp) x3



WSTRN [West London R&B Rap Collective] (BBC, Gw, MTV) x3


Accumulative Longlist



  • Alessia Cara (BBC, Gg, Gw) x3
  • Anderson .Paak (Gg)
  • Anne-Marie (MTV, Sp) x2
  • April Towers (Gw)
  • Astrid S (Gw)
  • August Eve (Id)
  • Aurora (Gw, Id) x2
  • Barns Courtney (Gw)
  • Belly (Gg)
  • The Big Moon (AR, Gw) x2
  • Billie Marten (AM, AR, BBC, Gw) x4
  • Black Foxxes (Gw)
  • Black Honey (Gw)
  • Blossoms (AM, BBC, Gw, MTV, Sp) x5
  • Bonkaz (Gw, MTV) x2
  • Bright Young People (Gw)
  • Broken Hands (Gw)
  • Clairity (Id)
  • Clean Cut Kid (AM, Gw) x2
  • Cloves (Id)
  • Cold Ocean Lies (Gw)
  • Conrad Sewell (Id)
  • Cool Amerika (Gg)
  • Dead! (Gw)
  • Diet Cig (Gw)
  • Dua Lipa (BBC, Gw) x2
  • Du Blonde (Gw)
  • Elohim (Id)
  • Emma Blackery (Gw)
  • Eryn Allen Kane (Gg)
  • Fletcher (Id)
  • Formation (Gw)
  • Frances (AM, BBC, Gw, Id, Sp) x5
  • Gavin James (Sp)
  • Get Inuit (Gw)
  • Gilligan Moss (Gw)
  • Haelos (Gw)
  • Hannag Lou Clark (Gw)
  • Hinds (Gw)
  • Hippo Campus (Gw)
  • ho99o9 (Gw)
  • Honne (Gw, Sp) x2
  • Izzy Bizu (BBC, Gw) x2
  • Jack Garratt (AM, BBC, Gw, MTV, Sp, +) x6
  • The Japanese House (AR, Gg)
  • Kay IDK (Gg)
  • Jay Prince (Gw)
  • J Hus (BBC, Gw) x2
  • Jones (Id, Sp) x2
  • Kamaiyah (Gg)
  • Kero Kero Bonito (Gw)
  • Kiiara (SK)
  • Kiko Bun (Gw)
  • Kojey Radical (AR)
  • LÉON (Id, Sp) x2
  • Lil Uzi Vert (Gg)
  • Love Ssega (AR)
  • Loyle Carner (AR, BBC, Gw) x3
  • Mabel (BBC, Gw, Sp) x3
  • Marlon Williams (Gw)
  • Matoma (Sp)
  • Max Pope (Sp)
  • Meg Mac (Id)
  • Miya Folick (Gw)
  • Mura Masa (AM, AR, BBC, Gw, Sp) x5
  • Nai Harvest (Gw)
  • Nao (AM, BBC, Gg, Gw, Sp, Id) x6
  • Nef the Pharaoh (Gg)
  • Neon Waltz (Gw)
  • Nimmo (Gw, MTV) x2
  • Oceean (Gw)
  • Oscar (Gw)
  • Petite Meller (Gw)
  • Pixx (Gw)
  • PNB Rock (Gg)
  • Pom Poms (Id)
  • Pretty Vicious (AR, Gw) x2
  • Pwr Bttm (Gw)
  • Rat Boy (AR, BBC, Gw, MTV) x4
  • Rationale (AM, MTV) x2
  • Roy Woods (Gg)
  • Samm Henshaw (Sp)
  • Section Boys (BBC, Gw) x2
  • SG Lewis (Gw, MTV) x2
  • Sigala (Id, MTV) x2
  • Slutface (Gw)
  • Sofi De La Torre (Id)
  • Spring King (AM, AR) x2
  • Steve James (Id)
  • Sundara Karma (Gw)
  • Tala (AR)
  • Tigercub (Gw)
  • Tiggs Da Author (Gw)
  • Tkay Maizda (Id)
  • Tory Lanez (Gg)
  • Trampolene (Gw)
  • Vant (AR, Gw) x2
  • Vitamin (Gw)
  • Will Joseph Cook (Sp)
  • WSTRN (BBC, Gw, MTV) x3
  • Yout Man (Gw)
  • Zak Abel (AM)
  • Zibra (Gw)



AM = Apple Music
AR = Amazing Radio (
Gg = Globalgrind (
Gw = Gigwise (
Id = Idolator (
SK = Personal selection
Sp = Spotify
+ = Brits Critics’ Choice prize for 2016

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