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TTG Project

Affino was commissioned to create a new Responsive-Design website for TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) - the world's oldest travel trade newspaper (since 1953). The new TTG Media website would be tasked to overcome a number of contemporary business challenges. Chiefly concerned with customer identification and targeting in the age of ad-blockers and privacy tools. The website would be transitioning from a static desktop-centric approach to a more dynamic mobile-led one, focusing on seamless customer journeys with highly targeted advertising, delivered across a variety of devices and platforms.


The starting point for every Affino Project / Deployment is an indepth audit of a company's inner workings - the divisions, systems, processes and revenue streams which drive the business - with a view to streamlining and automating as much as is possible within that culture and business ecosystem / environment. We worked very closely with Daniel Pearce and his department heads to identify what really makes TTG work and how the component parts could be improved. As always this process involves a wealth of data analysis, scanning through numerous spreadsheet structures and rate cards. All Affino solutions are iterative and are updated and improved ongoingly, there have been two iterations for TTG Media so far.


A core benefit of every Affino Deployment is the Single Source Complete Digital Front-End which replaces most of the typically 3rd party cookie sourced solutions. In dealing with ad-blockers, content and advertising has to be served locally from within the same system or else it will be blocked off - denying you all and any revenues from advertising and social functions. The fully responsive setup speeds up content delivery and provides an integrated full-engagement experience with superior integral analytics. Affino's use of Topics means that ads can be targeted against these and user preferences, allowing a far more targeted use of the campaign inventory. You get better tracking and personalisation with built-in incentives via Affino's 50+ Conversion Events. The Solution is boosted further by its core Social CRM and content Metering / Paywall which gives TTG added control as well as increased revenue sources.


Because of ad-blockers, most publishers are not aware of their real customer numbers, nor how much of their offerings - revenue sources etc. are cut off by those ad-blockers and privacty tools. In TTG's case, post Affino it was able to identify and serve twice as many page views compared with the previous version of the site - up from c250,000 identified page views to over 600,000 identified page views. Even Google Analytics struggles to capture representative data because of ad-blocking tools; Affino's Unified Platform approach ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and delivers genuinely quantifiable results which few other systems can.

"Affino worked with TTG to deliver its new responsive-design digital business. The new solution gives TTG a more dynamic edge in an increasingly competitive environment."

Daniel Pearce, Managing Director, TTG

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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