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Farmers Guardian Case Study

“Affino was commissioned to create the new Responsive Design Website for Farmers Guardian”

Smart Affino Site Implementations takes Farmers Gurdian to pastures new

Farmers Guardian better leverages its Large Members Community with a Smart Affino Site Implementation

Afino empowers Farmers Guardian to get in even closer with its Agricultural and Farmers' Community / Audience

Origin / Overview


Affino was commissioned to create the new Responsive-Design website for Farmers Guardian. The new FG Insight website would aim to significantly modernise and improve the news delivery experience for one of the UK’s longest-running newspapers, founded in 1844 as the Preston Guardian. As technology plays an increasingly important part in farming, it was essential to marry up the experience with the now leading edge nature of the industry.



At the start of the project a 3rd party agency had already been tasked with designing the FG Insight interface. Affino then re-worked and streamlined those designs into a user-friendly experience. Affino worked closely alongside the core Farmers Guardian team to improve and finesse the workings of the site, and to improve customer engagement and the overall customer experience. Affino's mission is always to get under the skin of things and to figure out better ways to deliver on key business activities. The emphasis is always on efficiency and productivity - ensuring that those using the system are fully empowered to work effectively within their daily roles and responsibilites. These projects are always highly iterative, ongoingly seeking to improve the experience both for the consumers and the service / news delivery teams.



Affino's mobile-first approach was critical in the build of this site, as the experience has been very much optimised for smartphone and tablet use - which is where all the growth is currently in news media. The two key innovations featured here are Content Metering and Content Filtering (vs Content Segregation).

Content Metering allows non-members to view a limited amount of articles (2 in this instance), before they are required to register for further access.


While the filtered approach works by listing all articles in a single news feed as such, where readers can personalise the listing through selecting their topic preferences. Clicking on a topic, filters the feed to articles only of that type - allowing readers to swiftly narrow or broaden their field of view. There are a number of further innovations in how advertising, promotions and sponsored content is served up within the same responsive framework.



Even though the new site is in its infancy, its clarity of purpose and smooth efficiency underline the hundreds of man-hours which were expended in pursuit of continuous improvement. There will undoubtedly be some further fine-tuning required to fully optimise the experience, but early indications are that the readership is enthusiastic about the changes.

Case Study Quote

Working with Affino has been instrumental in creating the very best environment for us to engage fully with our readership.”


Andrew Cadman, CTO, Briefing Media


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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year