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How Drewry Combine Enterprise, Experts and Evidence for maximum Credentials Impact


Combine Enterprise with Experts and Evidence for maximum impact

In my earlier Insights article - ’The Trifecta of Professional Services Credentials - Enterprise, Experts and Evidence’ I detailed the challenges in engaging your target audience with the right balance of personnel, content and collateral. The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform has two essential built-in components for this task - which greatly help with laying out your content for the most balanced and authoritative message delivery, while easily being able to draw together all the directly related collateral.


At the heart of this is a detailed Taxonomy and Affino Related Items - which draw together key linking Topics - for Content Organisation, Navigation and Cross-Linking - that way you can set up a number of content display panels / slots (Design Element Cells) based around one of your personnel / experts, and configured around how they and the other content are indexed with relevant Topics - you can easily pull together such mini hubs - which display your experts to the best advantage, supporting their expertise with relevant proofs and evidence, such as related case studies and other pertinent company activities and milestones, while at the same time reinforcing the Enterprise’e value in collected experience and know-how.


As I explained previously, this trifecta is absolutely essential to provide sufficient supporting arguments to best recommend the expert and services in question, while also binding the sum total experience to the brand values and reputation of the core business or Enterprise behind these services and personalities.


All Professional Services businesses can learn something from Drewry’s detail-oriented approach to their business activities, and how they lay out and deliver those core services across the various digital devices and across the globe. Here is the Drewry page on Philip Damas, as featured above.


On we are in the throes of doing a similar exercise, but on this occasion based around Member Public Profiles. The overall methodology is the same, it’s in Affino’s nature that you can accomplish the same kinds of things in various different ways. Each will have a slightly different emphasis, and its up to you if you prefer to take Drewry’s or’s approach to this same task. I will do a follow up article once the Affino Profile pages are fully complete and as we would like them to be.


Stefan Karlsson, CMO | Founder, Affino

20+ years of high level Branding and Advertising, in Digital since 1999 and have worked with brands including: Audi, Bausch & Lomb, BBC, Champion Automotive / Federal Mogul, Eli Lilly / IVAC, EMI, Diesel, Filmutea, Gill, Humanity Direct, IMRG / Peermap, Kimberly-Clark, Lanes Health, Loctite, MasterCard, Procurement Leaders, Rovio / Angry Birds, Royal Opera House, TSG, Wrigley. Key expertise in Brand Strategy and Brand Origination.


Email or Call +44 (0)20 3393 3240

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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year