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Periodic Table of Affino Elements

Affino Periodic Table

The ’Comprehensive Affino Features Listing’ is quite enormous really, as befits the grand scale of the Affino Social Commerce Solution. To make the features list a little more palatable for newcomers to Affino, we have extruded / extracted 128 of the key elemental strands which make up the DNA of Affino. It seemed most fitting to convey these elements by way of the scientific standard notation that is the Periodic Table...


Affino is available to everyone at a very reasonable cost, you just need to glance at ’Affino Pricing’ to see that.

The Legends and explanations for the above table / chart are as follows:


1) [Co] = Control Centre - Affino’s centre of operations - were you access all Affino’s advanced Control-side functions
2) [Ab] = Application Bar - Affino’s display-side Control Tools - featuring all the essential Content, Structure and Design management tools
3) [Le] = Live Edit - Display-side content editing / management, on-the-page and in-context
4) [Ar] = Articles - Affino’s multi-presentation-style content templates
5) [Aq] = Arhives - Affino archive store all selected content published beyond speficied time-frames
6) [Ri] = Related Items - Affino’s dynamically embedded links pull together all of Affino’s different content types onto one screen / display panel
7) [Mo] = Mobile Format - Simple HTML display format, currently text-only display; soon to be updated to deliver a more fully-fledged website experience to mobile devices
8) [Pd] = Predictive Search - Affino has of course a regular search with filtered results, but the more dynamic Predictive Search with direct linking is the more exciting feature
9) [Tr] = Site Tree - Dynamic, editable iconographic site hierarchy content listing with essential references
10) [Na] = Super Navigation - Control Centre 4-way navigation with kinetic scrolling, instant search, personal content and control-centre bookmarks
11) [Hi] = Content Highlights - numerous Content Highlights Design Elements, including the indespensible Detailed Standard Section, Carousel and Highlights Scroller
12) [Wf] = Workflow - Ingenious workflow based on just 2 Security Group selections and an additional (optional) 184 preferences settings
13) [Zo] = Zone - Affino’s top level of hierarchy; this really defines the root of ever site / micro-site you run on your Affino licence
14) [Ch] = Channel - Affino’s key Articles / Content Global Settings Profile, based principally on content type selection
15) [Sq] = Section - Hierarchical categories for grouping like content together
16) [Zc] = Structure Copy - amazing tool which quickly allows you to copy entire Zone hierarchies for easy duplication of existing sites
17) [Wp] = Weekly Planner - 7-day automated content rotator
18) [Wz] = WYSIWYG - Affino includes the TinyMCE component - utilising 62 editing functions


19) [Me] = Media Editor - Advanced Media Search, Editing and Manipulation with numerous filters and editing options
20) [Um] = Uploads Management - Media Upload Profiles, Simple, Advanced and Embedded Media Uploads, accommodating multiple media formats in single bulk upload
21) [Ag] = Asset Generation - video snapshots and automated multiple image asset generation from single upload
22) [Em] = Embedded Media - Affino ingeniously creates localised media assets and indexing for DailyMotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, YouTube and SlideShare
23) [St] = Streaming Media - effortlessly stream Audio and Video from 3rd party streaming servers
24) [Dx] = Documents - Affino’s Documents can be fully secured and monetised - Word Doc, PDF, PPT and XLS
25) [CD] = CDN - Advanced Content Delivery Network integration results in faster and smoother media and content delivery - and quicker page loading times
26) [Ml] = Media Libraries - Media Album display for standard Photos, Documents, Slide Shows and Music Tracklisting
27) [Mh] = Media Highlights - Numerous Media Design Elements including Detailed Media Section, players and various scrollers
28) [Mw] = Media Workflow - Elegant Media Workflow controlled by 2 Security Group selections and 116 further (optional) preferences
29] [Ap] = Audio Player - Affino’s full-featured MP3 Player with real-time eq visualiser and several media descriptors, including genres and moods
30) [Vp] = Video Player - Multi-modal Video Player delivers multiple display / playback formats - including Video Store and Video Wall
31) [Hd] = Hi-Def - Affino supports H.264 playback for various codecs, as well as Hi-Def Mode toggle switch on Video Player
32) [Pc] = Podcasts - iTunes and RSS format Podcast from Affino Media Library
33) [Bm] = Broadcast Management - Live Broadcast plaform integrating with streaming feed and utilising Broadcast Information Channels and Electronic Programme Guides with reminders
34) [Cf] = Cover Flow - Scrolling ’Album Artwork’ -type Media Browser
35) [Fx] = Feature Scroller - Both Flash and JavaScript versions with animated scrolling effects being applied to static Media Library photos with destination links - used for promotional purposes
36) [Ps] = Photo Stack - Scattered polaroids theme photo gallery display Design Element
37) [SS] = Slide Show - Slide Show format Design Element - for elegant photo gallery
38) [Sg] = Smart Image - 3 image state buttons Design Element which anchors Dynamic Menus and Image Maps
39) [Vc] = Video Carousel - Scrolling video browser with inline video playback


40) [Sp] = Store Profile - Affino’s Store Preferences - set up your online store using 288 available options, all with pre-loaded, easily over-writeable values
41) [Ci] = Catalogue Items - Affino’s saleable Content / Product Presentation Styles
42) [Sa] = Saleable Articles - Charge for time-limited access to standard content articles
43) [Dg] = Digital Goods - Saleable Media, Downloads, Memberships and Subscriptions
44) [Ms] = Memberships - Sell community memberships and subscriptions
45) [Hb] = Hybrid Bundles - Combine digital and physical goods in any combination, for a tryly versatile retail environment

46) [Sf] = Salesforce Integration - Manage Affino Users and Accounts with Salesforce and make use of Salesforce’s CRM abilities
47) [My] = My Store - Set up a kind of ’Mini-Mall’ in Affino where each ’Stall Holder’ can run their own shop instance, much like having a stall in a conventional marketplace; Site manager sets up initial retail environment in which dozens of semi-independent stores can run
48) [Ix] = Intelligent Checkout - Single and Multi-page Chekcout options with dynamic pop-ups and extended customer error handling
49) [Ic] = Inventory Control - Updated Inventory Control Panel for swift and easy stock control
50) [Op] = Order Processing - Advanced Order Processing Control Panel with dozens of lookup and management options
51) [Ad] = Automated Distribution - Affino seamlessly integrates with Amazon, eBay and Google Base for instant and automated distribution of your products to those catalogues
52) [As] = Affiliated Stores - Set up Affino Stores which can be embedded on 3rd party (Non-Affino) sites
53) [Ip] = Invoice Profiles - Highly configurable Invoice Profile produces very professional and detailed Order Invoices
54) [Cm] = Catalogue Modifiers - Advanced Catalogue Attributes, Attribute Groups, Attribute Profiles and Inventory Variations
55) [Sc] = Social Commerce - Community and Media-enriched online retail
56) [Wi] = Wishlists - Add products to wishlist and send wishlist to friends and family - for gift ideas for special occasions
57) [Am] = Account Management - ’My Account’ - Order History, Digital Media and Subscriptions
58) [Rp] = Recommended Products - Manually, Purchase or Topic -related ’Users who bought this also bought ...’ related products panel


59) [Xq] = Social Connectors - Affino’s Micro Blog syncs in both directions with Facebook, Twitter and coming soon - Linked-In
60) [Ca] = Campaigns - Run and track campaign creatives on your site - local and 3rd party ad server delieveed ads
61) [Cp] = Competitions - Multiple choice competitions with automatic random winner selection based on correct answers submitted
62) [Cs] = Content Subscriptions - Get real-time, daily, weekly or monthly notification of new content from any Standard Section
63) [Ec] = eCards - Affino’s ’email article’ element cleverly notifices of receipt and includes Newsletter signup prompts
64) [Nl] = Newsletters - Design-Centre-created Newsletters with conditional triggers for Smart Messaging
65) [Rc] = Recommendations - Recommended Content, Contact, Media and Products - based on topic / interest preferences
66) [Se] = Showcase - Showcase Presentation Style + Design Element produces Flash Micro-Site from standard, static Affino content
67) [Si] = Smart Item - Teaser article form panel for manually editable / instant overwrite Content Highlights and Announcements
68) [Ti] = Tips - Automated and manual-paged Teaser article form listing for displaying site hints, prompts and announcements
69) [Xc] = Social Campaigns - User-generated, targeted mini-campaigns
70) [If] = Incoming Feeds - Affino indexes and creates localised articles and items from incoming content and media feeds
71) [Sh] = Share - Share site content via email and Social Bookmarks - Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.
72) [Sz] = Stunt - Ingenious, conditional campaign creative triggered by User Events; e.g. Registration and First Login
73) [Sy] = Syndication - Affino syndicates content in RSS 2.0 and Atom formats
74) [Ur] = URL Shortener - Affino integrates with by default - for shortened URLs for Micro Blogs / limited character posts


75) [Cl] = Customer Ladder - Affino’s Automated Customer Ladder is the ultimate in customer engagement, incentivisation and tracking, featuring 30+ Conversion Event types in 5 strata - Suspect > Prospect > Customer > Regular > Evangelist

76) [Af] = Affino Messenger - Affino’s Adobe-Air-driven Messenger app is being upgraded for Air 2, should soon be back from hiatus

77) [Bg] = Blogs - User blogs with archives, tag cloud, syndication and content subs
78) [Cz] = Comments - Affino Comments and Ratings can be enabled on nearly all content and media types
79) [Ct] = Contacts - Contact Details based content listings - ideal for Staff Directories, Online ’Phone Books’ and Address Listings
80) [Cx] = Community Management - Individually audit and manage users and their activities both as indviduals and within larger ’Account’ groupings
81) [Cy] = Community Media - User Media Workflows to enable extebsive Community User Media Libraries
82) [Df] = Dynamic Forms - Affino’s 21 form field type user definable forms, now with conditional routing
83) [Eb] = eBusiness - Enable customer service workflows, limiting customers to set number of service request posts
84) [Fo] = Forums - Affino’s technical discussion boards with ListServe, Task Management, Bug Report Forum options and thread and post references, as well as Advanced Subscriptions / Subscriptions Management
85) [Gp] = Groups - Affino Groups are perfect for any kind of shared-interest groups - where specific content, events and communications can be limited and shared within highly specified peer groups
86) [Zq] = Security Centre - Essential Site Access Management control centre - with granularly applied Security Privileges right down to the item level
87) [Mz] = Members - Members Search and Listing and individual Public Profiles - the very core of Social Networking on Affino
88) [Mb] = Message Board - Affino’s simplified consumer discussion boards with Topic Icons and simple subscriptions
89) [Mx] = My Messages - Affino’s on-site email system keeps tabs of all intra-site messages and notifications
90) [Mi] = Micro Blog - Affino’s ’Twitter’ format, syncs seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter via Social Connectors
91) [Pp] = Personal Profiles - Users can have a number of ’Personal Spaces’ on a site with personal and friend’s content listings - these include ’My Homepage’ and ’Public Profile’ which references a User’s complete site contributions
92) [Pl] = Polls - ’Question of the day’ style polls with up to 10 answer options and detailed Poll analysis
93) [Rv] = Reviews - Review Article style format chiefly used for user-contribute reviews on gadgest, entertainments and the like
94) [Sr] = Seminars - Affino seminars utilise Keyword Manage Topics / Topic Colours to create ingenious Seminar Schedules with personal itineraries and Outlook syncing
95) [Ts] = Tests - Affino Tests have 12 Question Types, group assign, automated and manual grading and 5 detailed report types
96) [Xd] = Social Directories - Workflow-Controlled User-entered Directory Listings with relevant members, followers, news feeds, related content, product information, White Papers etc.
97) [Xn] = Social Networking - Combine all of Affino’s Community elements and you have one of the most poweful environments for social networking and collaboration, Groups and Member Listings / Public Profiles with their system of invites are particularly strong
98) [XM] = Social Management / Social Content Management - Enable Content and Media Workflows to allow your users to become an integral part of your sites’ media and content publishing


99) [KM] = Keyword Manager - Affino’s Taxonomy Manager allows you to set up local Category, Keyword and Topic hierarchies which auto-index against content and populate A to Z Channel Type
100) [At] = Auto Tagging - Using the Keyword Manager, Affino can automatically check and assign matched preferential terms as defined in your Keyword Manager List
101) [Mt] = Meta - Subset of the Dublin Core Meta - Meta Date, Meta Contributor, Meta Creator, Meta Editor, Meta Language, Meta Publisher, Meta Rights and Meta Subject
102) [Su] = SEO-Friendly URLs - Actual name URLs auto-generated from Structure and Content Titles - with manual override
103) [Sn] = Screen Names - User Name URLs; e.g.
104) [Tc] = Topic Channels - Using Keyword Manager Topics on Gateway Channels, you can create automatic Topic-filtered Highlights Channels which auto-generate from content feeds into specified Content and Media Highligths Design Elements; Topic Channels give you the very best SEO results on targeted Keyword Topic areas
105) [Ht] = Heading Tags - You can format content titles with H1, H2 and H3 tags, as well as apply styling formatting to key Titles - Emphasized, Strong, Subscript, Superscript and Underlined
106) [Pt] = Page Titles - You can manually override Page Titles on an individual Article / Item basis


107) [Da] = Dashboard - Affino’s 50 Widget supreme Adobe-Flex-based analysis control panel, split by Community, Commerce, Content, Media and Promotion, and with further Page and Personal User Dashboards
108) [An] = Content Analysis - Analyse Channels, Sections and Items for View, as well as speficic usage per content type, and which parts of your structure are little viewed
109) [Ua] = User Analysis - Review User Login stats and individual User Activies by way of Community Management
110) [Ra] = Referral Analysis - Review and report on customer referrals that lead to sales
111) [Au] = Audit - Review specific User Activity - Views, Logins, Unsuccessful Logins within specified time interval, or review views per specified site URL
112) [Lc] = Links Checker - Broken Links Checker - list out all broken links on your site
113) [Ga] = Google Analytics - Affino has single location where you enter tracking code for Google Analytics
114) [Go] = Google Optimizer - The easiest way to conduct Google Website Optimizer AB and Multivariant Test, using elegant profiling and Affino’s versatile Design Elements
115) [Gs] = Google Sitemaps - Generate Google XML Sitemaps from your Affino Site Hierarchy
116) [Wt] = Webmaster Tools - Affino Integrated with Google Webmaster Tools for advanced site analysis


117) [SK] = Design Skin - The optmized Design Object Masters, as applied to Content Channels, and additional level of Design Management and Control so that you can co-ordinate release of Design changes on your website
118) [Do] = Design Objects - The Grid-like building blocks which render the look and feel of Affino Sites
119) [Sm] = Smart Copy - Copy entire Design Structure Hierachies and select which embedded Design Objects are Retained, Copied or Cleared
120) [De] = Design Elements - 76 Design Display Widgets arranged in 11 categories - Community, Design, eCommerce, Lists, Media, Navigation, Prime Content, Promotion, Structure, TV
121) [Mm] = Main Menu - 3 Dynamic Main Menu Navigation Listings - Classic, CSS and Flex Accordion types
122) [Dm] = Desin Menu - 3 Columns by 5 Rows Design Panel Frames - can be applied to most Highlights Design Elements
123) [Dy] = Dynamic Menu - CSS-based super-light cascading menu
124) [Ds] = Design Style - Affino’s User-managed content style sheets
125) [Fs] = Form Style - Affino’s Entry-Form Fields and button styling
126) [Dn] = Design Scripts - Custom HTML and ColdFusion Script element for assigning custom code and custom apps / 3rd party widgets
127) [CN] = Content Design - Advanced Affino Design Management - Article Profiles, Article Icons, Standard Section and Item Presentation Styles
128) [Tm] = Template Management - Upload, Download and Manage your custom Affino Code Templates

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