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How to leverage engagement through Content Metering


How to set up content metering in 10 minutes

The fastest way to make sure you deliver the best content to your community

We have recently added the Insights area to and wanted to know more about our visitors, so we can better understand their interests and therefore better be able to produce and provide the right content for them when they come to engage with the site.

Engagement Wall 1

In Affino this is pretty simple, what surprised us was just how quickly we were able to set it up (as this is the first time we’ve done this for ourselves). It took around 10 minutes from start to finish.

Enagement Wall 2

Metering Profile and Levels

We started by creating a Metering Profile and assigned it to the Zone (site). We then added a couple of metering levels. In general you will always want to add a couple of levels as a minimum to help you better know and engage with your audience.


Metering in Affino is based around groups, specifically Security Groups and the permissions they have. The first thing we did was check to see what groups we were going to allow to see the content and therefore what security clearance we needed to assign to the Insight articles.


In our case we are primarily targeting Guests so that at a minimum visitors are encouraged to register to view the content. We’re not at this point adding any further restriction. Once you’re logged in you can read all the Insights.

Metering Profile

Security and Groups

We did this by securing the articles with Registered User, and on the Metering Level we set the group as Guests and the security clearance we granted was Registered User. We then decided that all guests could read 2 articles every 30 days and simply set that.


We tweaked the default text in the profile and that was it for setting up the engagement wall.


Profiling and Lead Generation

We’ve taken things a bit further by adding in a couple of conversion events on the Insights Channel, one for all readers and one for just new (prospect) readers. The prospect event goes a step further and notifies key people and adds the user to a prospect list.


We will likely evolve this further as we build up the content to add in more detailed funnels and profiling, and once we have the volume of insights in place we’ll add profiled auto-recommendations on the content so users are presented with the most relevant Insight articles.


The key win for us right now will be having a great understanding of what is the most engaging content we can be producing and making sure we provide the most useful insight for the Affino community.

Markus Karlsson Profile

Markus Karlsson, CEO | Founder, Affino

20 years of digital business experience with: Audi, BBC, Casio, Diesel, EMI, MasterCard, Rovio, UBM, UMG, and now Gill, Procurement Leaders, Briefing Media, Ocean Media, and IDG. Lead consultant for digital business transformation.


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