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Affino Elemental

by Stefan
09:34 05 July 2010 | 4 | 2,496

Compiling Features

Comprehensive Feature List

Features as a Diagram

Features Periodic Table
128 Features in 8 Categories

Over the last week and a half, I have been tasked with compiling the current up-to-date Affino Feature-set List. It’s always difficult to decide at what level to draw the line. How many layers of Affino does one wish to unravel? I have always likened Affino to an aircraft carrier - a vast technical powerhouse with hundreds of rooms and chambers. But how many of those do you list as part of an overview? There are so many nuances and great synergies to be discovered at every level of Affino, that I found myself unwrapping layer after layer, as if peeling an enormous onion. The end result of the initial endeavour was the ’Comprehensive Affino Features Listing’ article, which is dozens of scrolled pages long already, but which I return to almost daily, having overlooked one or two more key features.

On that particular voyage of discovery, I found that the largest settings profile in Affino - the Store Profile is now at 288 settings; also, the Media Library Profile takes the honour as having the most User Definable Icons - at 92 (I actually just added 2 more Format Type Icons today - SoundCloud and Ooyala which will take the count to 94...). The big issue with maintaining the Affino features list is that something new gets added nearly every day.

Anyway, the ’Comprehensive Affino Features Listing’ was way too large for the average site user to plough through, so I started to think how I could edit down the features list into something more manageable. Over the last few weeks, I have come across all manner of Periodic Tables - for swear words, typefaces, sexual positions and the like ... On Saturday morning I thus had a brainwave to do a Periodic Table for Affino. Of course all Main Images are standardised on 480 width, so I had to adapt the format slightly to suit my purposes. Working through the weekend I distilled down the feature list to a total of 128*, decided how to categorize said features, and designed a vibrant colour-scheme and button graphics to best display the table. I then of course had to write all the text label definitions, the end results of which can be seen in - ’Periodic Table of Affino Elements’. It’s been a pretty hard slog, but I kind of feel it’s worth it, what do you reckon?


* - NOTE - Number of elements has been updated to 128 to include the amazing Automated Affino Customer Ladder and Salesforce Integration

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