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24 November 2017
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Comrz has a highly experienced, disciplined and innovative Creative Team which employs a very successful applied design methodology. Comrz applies personality profiling and NLP techniques / behavioural symbolism to its design processes, ensuring consistent and tangible reinforcement of key brand values.


Comrz’s Creative Team has been involved in a number of leading campaigns and executions for most types of business sectors, including Consumer Goods, Construction, Food and Beverages, Financial, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Retail, Transport, Travel and Leisure, Publishing and Media, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Utilities and Institutions.


The Creative Team has experience of most of the different design disciplines - having worked with everything from pure graphic arts to digital design, print design, packaging, livery, uniforms, product design and related merchandise.




  • Create a unique and fully functional online presence
  • Create a Brand with a great personality and maximum consumer appeal
  • Gain a competitive advantage from a fully rationalised applied design methodology
  • Achieve maximum brand impact and consistency across all marketing assets
  • Make best use of integrated application design directly from the solution achitects, developers and implementers


Key components

  • Briefing and reference material origination - Comrz puts a great deal of effort into co-ordinating the most detailed and comprehensive briefing documents from Client input, for this is the determining factor in ensuring a great applied design outcome
  • Branding and Design Consultancy - Comrz can generate a complete Brand Profile which maps out the essential characteristics and qualities of a Brand and acts as a manual / guide to generating all future brand identities, themes, campaign executions and assets
  • Brand / Logo Design - Comrz can generate a Company, Brand and Product identity from scratch, ascribing to it pertinent brand values and visual cues / recalls; Comrz delivers completely unique idents and typesets / fonts
  • (Affino) Website Design - Comrz can design a uniquely enhanced website look and feel, which combines the strongest elements of your brand and business offerings with the strongest relevant aspects of our technology platform
  • Affino Application Component and Interface Design - On a slightly smaller scale than a full Website Design, Comrz can generate designs for singular or specific application elements and interfaces
  • Icon Design - The Comrz Team is expert in generating iconographic representations of abstract interpretative concepts - both functional buttons and symbolic imagery
  • Flash Design - Comrz generates applied design Flash animations and applications to reinforce key messages and on-brand representations
  • Content Design - Comrz can design unique template layouts and graphical frameworks - to further strengthen the impact of your published content

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