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Affino 8.0.12 - The Performance Release


This Affino release is the fourth and final major release of 2018, and is all about performance. Affino’s page speed delivery has been improved by between 40% and 300% across the board, which will be followed by a further 30% improvement in the new year when Affino moves to the new app stack and hosting architecture. The improvement in speed should directly lead to greater engagement, longer sessions, more reads per session and more productive management.


Individual performance ...

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Affino 7.5.20 Final - Milestone Responsive Release


We’ve left the best for last in 2017 with the final Affino 7.5 release. There is so much that is great in this release with the key highlights being: the new Responsive Checkout, new Ad Server and Analysis, greatly enhanced Imports and Exports, new Related Content elements, and a greatly evolved Public Profile.


Some of the recently launched modules including forums and awards have been evolved significantly in this release following a great deal of useful feedback. The CRM has ...

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Affino 7.5.19 Release - Forums, Awards and Performance


This release sees further refinements of the new Forums and Awards modules, and significant performance improvements, along with a host of fixes in the run up to Affino 8.0. This is the one of the final Affino 7.5 releases, with the focus now on completing the final responsive elements and stabilising Affino 7.5 prior to the Affino 8 launch.


You will see that Affino’s support forums have had a major update with the launch of the new responsive forums in Affino. There are some ...

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Affino 7.5.18 Release - Awards, Seminars, Recruitment, Service Credits & Optimisation

AffinoAwardsFeaturedperformancerecruitmentSeminarsService Creditsupdate+-

This is the final major Affino 7.5 release before Affino 8 launches. We have extended Affino in four major ways with the new Awards and Seminars modules; major updates to Recruitment management, including the online sale of job postings, and user self management of job postings; and the re-launch of Service Credits, now fully supported across mobiles and tablets.


We are reaching the end of the Affino 8 development cycle, and in preparation are focused on simplifying and optimising ...

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Affino 7.5.17 Release - Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Affinobug fixesFeaturedperformanceupdate+-

We have a new Affino performance update and bug fix release. It is an important release with dozens of essential fixes, and of particular importance for large and busy sites as there are some key performance improvements.


We are in the middle of the Affino 8 development cycle so you will see new features throughout, however these are in most cases still under refinement and will be announced in the next release, or indeed in the Affino 8 release.


Importantly we have two key ...

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A better way to Channel Affino

Affino Usability - Channel Grid

We’ve got some great usability enhancements coming in Affino 7.5. One of the best is going to be the new interface when you add Channels. It will answer hundreds of questions all by itself and make the process of adding new aspects to your online business that much easier.


Usability First


Channels are at the heart of Affino, they allow you to create dedicated areas on your site for the key activities you will be doing online such as blogs, forums, forms, product listings...

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Top 10 Affino Developments in 2013

Affinoanalysiscommerce dashboarddesign panelsexportsimportsinvitesmessagingperformancerelationshipsScalingsocial commerceStore Creditsuptime+-
Affino in 2013

2013 was a year of two halves for Affino development. The first half was primarily focused on the Affino user experience and the second half has been focused on creating a new Responsive Design front-end for Affino which is due for launch in Q1 this year. Along the way Affino saw some great improvements.


1) Performance


We built Affino to scale this year, and to scale at speed without needing any human intervention. This meant major architectural changes where we changed ...

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Affino 6.0.11 Release - Performance

Affinoperformancepoint releasereliabilityspeed+-
Campaign creative

This Affino release is all about performance. We have worked hard to deliver great reliability and improved performance for every page view. This has meant looking deep into how Affino generates pages for bots, guest and members, and improving all aspects.


New Affino Production Process = Better Quality Product


To do this we have completely revamped key aspects of the Affino production cycle, in particular all aspects of how we test it: we have established new Affino ...

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Speed Boost

Krank it up to 11

One of the goals we set ourselves for the 5.5.15 release of Affino was to reduce the average file size for Affino web pages. There are many benefits to this:

  • Faster page loads
  • Improved SEO
  • Less data traffic generated
  • Less processing power and energy required
  • Snappier experience
  • Improved 3G access
  • Fewer browser errors
  • Improved caching
  • Content delivery network offloading
  • Lower cost hosting
  • Higher conversion rates

In this release we focused on shifting as much of the JavaScript...

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Quality, Usability and Performance

Comrz Affino 5 Logo

A lot of our focus with Affino is on how to improve everyday tasks for people when communicating and selling online. To the extent that it keeps us awake at night. Most of our energies go into delivering customer projects and rolling out major social and commercial enhancements in Affino, however we’re always looking to improve the core system.


Since starting Comrz we’ve focused on this in two ways, firstly by dealing with bugs and niggles. These are the potholes of the user...

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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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