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Affino 7.5.8 Release - Stepping Forwards

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This is a big Affino release with the new Responsive Message Campaigns and major new display-side Design Elements including the new Responsive Carousel DE and the Article Feature Scroller DE, both of which add great new flexibility to the core display capabilities of Affino. It also features a preview of the Order Builder / Pro-forma Invoices.


The new Responsive Message Templates allow your digital marketing professionals to create campaigns with Affino now the way they’...

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Getting started with the Affino CRM

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Short Contact List

The Affino CRM is very capable but there’s a certain amount of effort required to set it up and get the most out of it, as there is with all CRMs. Unlike the majority of CRMs, Affino gives back much more than you put in, so each Account or Contact created, when coupled with a Customer Ladder, Conversion Events, Conversion Funnels, Message Campaigns, Social Integration and Landing Pages gives a massive return on your effort. We have created a guide here for those on Affino Support.


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Affino 7.1 Release - Super Scaling and Deep Engagement

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Affino 7.1 is now out, and it’s a major release in every way. Whilst there are many aspects to this Affino release, the two key threads are improved scaling and greater engagement. Affino 7.1 has been significantly re-architected to scale with new search and analytics engines. With the release of Affino 7.1 we will also be migrating sites to our new super-scaling cloud.


We’ve rolled out big updates to many core Affino services including Messaging, Search, Analysis, Customer...

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Affino 7 Release

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Our priority for Affino 7 has been to make the most productive platform available for running your business online. The integrated nature of Affino means you only have to manage your community, content, products, design, , promotions and analytics in one place. This is by far the most effective approach for managing an online business. What we have done with Affino 7 is to improve in every way how how you manage your online business.


Affino 7 has a New Control Centre, with the pages ...

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Checklist for Evolving your Social Commerce Site

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For any online business to succeed and remain relevant, you need to continuously review what is and isn’t working. At a minimum you shuld do an annual review where you check your assumptions and apply your learnings for the year.


We’re often asked to help work through this process. Below is a useful checklist when you’re looking to update your online business.


Target Market


The most important element is identifying your target market, i.e. who’...

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Affino 6.0.16 Release - Core Affino Updates

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Privacy Cookie Policy

Affino 6.0.16 is the final significant Affino 6 release. It’s the culmination of a greatly improved Affino user experience where almost every interface has been enhanced during the course of the last couple of years. We’ve focused on smoothing out the remaining rough edges in Affino 6 and it’s now a whole level easier than it’s ever been.


This release sees the introduction of Cookie Policies to meet the EU Privacy Directive. These are smart and geo-targeted so ...

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Affino 6.0.15 Mindmap

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Affino 6.0.15 Mindmap

This is a well rounded Affino release in that there’s something for all Affino users. Beginners will have a lot less questions, as we’ve answered hundreds more by moving settings into context, simplified options, provided more meaningful help and added the new in-context Help Guides and Features. Shoppers will find the new optimised checkout to be simple, clear and fast; and store managers will find it is now much easier to set up and manage stores. Recruiters will love the new ...

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Affino 6.0.15 Release - Ecommerce, Usability and Recruitment

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Optimised Checkout

Affino 6.0.15 Release - Ecommerce, Usability and Recruitment


This release is the culmination of seven months work on the new Optimised Affino Checkout. During the course of the last six months we have rolled out dozens of incremental improvements (and fixes) to the checkout process to drive higher conversion rates. The checkout experience has been taken to the next level with a complete revamp for simple, fast checkouts. We’ve also rolled out a new ecommerce engine, greatly ...

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How To: Answer your Affino Questions Fast - Updated

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Support Page Latest

Over the past year there have been almost 100,000 posts on the various Affino forums, which makes them by far the most active part of Comrz’s support and of the Comrz website. There are lots of other ways users can find the answers to their questions faster and more effectively.


Below are the key ways you can answer your questions in the fastest way:


Application Bar


The Application Bar (which sits at the base of every one of your web pages when you’re ...

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Affino 6.0.5 Release

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Predictive Site Search v2

This is a significant stability release for users who are running Affino 6.0.4. It is recommended that you update to this version at the earliest opportunity. There are fixes across the board and a couple of great new features that didn’t quite make it into the last release.


Owing to the timing of this release (i.e. just before the Christmas Break), we have excluded a number of the latest project related developments from it to ensure the smoothest Affino experience over the ...

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