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Responsive Design in Affino

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Responsive Design Image

We’re getting ready to move Affino to being fully responsive. This will be the major initiative over the coming months now that we have the auto-scaling cloud infrastructure in place.

Big Bang

There will be a switchover from the current way Affino page designs are created to a new responsive approach, like moving from analogue to digital.

We won’t have dual Design Centres in Affino at any point, it’s a one-off transition to the new Responsive Designs when you update to Affino...

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Analysis Evolved


The Analysis Centre in Affino has undergone a continuous evolution since we originally launched the very first version. Every single Analysis screen has seen two or more updates over the past year, some have seen dozens.


Recently we’ve accelerated the evolution considerably as technologies firm up and we’re able to roll out much smarter, more immediate analytics interfaces.


Previously a great deal of our focus was on the Dashboards, we found that in practice very ...

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Affino 7 Release

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Our priority for Affino 7 has been to make the most productive platform available for running your business online. The integrated nature of Affino means you only have to manage your community, content, products, design, , promotions and analytics in one place. This is by far the most effective approach for managing an online business. What we have done with Affino 7 is to improve in every way how how you manage your online business.


Affino 7 has a New Control Centre, with the pages ...

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Affino 7 Control Centre Evolution

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The Affino 7 Control Centre will build on familiar metaphors. Behind the scenes it’s all change though with every single screen having been updated.


You will be more productive at doing almost any management task, whatever the context.


New Look


Expect a great new look. It’s a natural evolution for Affino, and is better suited to the mix of desktop and mobile environments Affino is used in. It will also be faster.


No Screen Left Behind


We ...

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Affino 6.0.16 Release - Core Affino Updates

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Affino 6.0.16 is the final significant Affino 6 release. It’s the culmination of a greatly improved Affino user experience where almost every interface has been enhanced during the course of the last couple of years. We’ve focused on smoothing out the remaining rough edges in Affino 6 and it’s now a whole level easier than it’s ever been.


This release sees the introduction of Cookie Policies to meet the EU Privacy Directive. These are smart and geo-targeted so ...

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The Move to HTML 5 and how it affects Affino

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We’ve been making big changes to Affino this year. In some cases we’ve had to take a step back so we can go forwards. The move to HTML 5 from Flash is one of the more significant ones.


We’ve re-written many aspects of Affino which used to be Flash / Flex based so that they are now HTML based. This includes: all the Control Centre navigation, much of the Media Library, new HTML-based highlights elements, and the chat interfaces.




Some of you...

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Music fans will be aware that Arcade Fire’s 3rd studio album ’The Suburbs’ is due out in August. As a taster for this, the title track along with another new track ’Month of May’ have been released as a ’double-header’ single.

Online music mag Fact put me onto this first, but Arcade Fire have given their fans a very innovative way to play the 2 new songs. If you navigate to ’Arcade Fire Vinyl’, you will be greeted by a very familiar looking ...

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iPhone 4 is evolution over revolution

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Let’s start with the good news - the new iPhone 4 looks pretty gorgeous, and looks like it’s beautifully put together from superior materials and components. It has the iPad’s fast A4 processor, although this is probably being underclocked on the iPhone to save on battery life. Also, the phone has a much improved OS (iOS 4) and around 100 or so new features. That said, a lot of the ’New Features’ showcased are Apple simply catching up with much of the current ...

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Apple vs Flash vs Affino

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A lot of our customers have asked us for our stance on the whole Apple vs Flash debate, and how this might impact on Affino. Most of you will know that Affino is underpinned by Adobe’s ColdFusion and utilises Flash, Flex and Air for a number of key Affino functions - parts of the Control Centre, the Dashboards and Media Editor for example. (Flex and Air = Dynamic Flash)


Many of our Apple-based users are somehow of the opinion that everyone has given up on Flash and is simply ...

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