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PPA New Talent 15 Winners


Our dynamic duo Markus and JC attended the PPA New Talent Awards last night and were quite overcome by the large number of friendly faces they encountered. All are of the opinion that this was a superb event, so well done to PPA for organising and Lisa Smosarski for hosting. The top picture features ’New Business Journalist of the Year’ Peter Apps (Inside Housing, Ocean Media Group) flanked by our CEO Markus Karlsson and host Lisa - hearty congratulations obviously.


Here is...

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Maximising Revenue #4 - Why Empowerment and Speed of Response are essential for growing your business online

AffinoAffino 7Affino Design CentreAffino Social Commerce SolutionAffino Structureapplication barCampaign ManagementcampaignsComrzEmpowermentEnd User EmpowermentMaximising Revenuesocial commerceSocial CRMSpeed of ResponseWebsite ControlWebsite Managementworkflow+-

How quickly you can react to market forces is usually the dividing line between success and failure. Every opportunity is fleeting, and rarely are you the only one competing for said opportunity. In marketing, first mover advantage is often the key to seizing the deal. How much you can do in-house at but a moment’s notice is therefore crucial for your success rate.


If you have read ’Maxmising Revenue #1’ - you will know that Gill & Macmillan attribute the ability ...

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Maximising Revenue #3 - How Taxonomy and Recommendations are key to a successful Christmas Retail Season

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionArgosArgos Gift GuideChristmas GiftsChristmas Internet RetailChristmas KeywordsChristmas Online RetailChristmas RecommendationsChristmas RetailChristmas TaxonomyChristmas TopicsComrzJohn LewisJohn Lewis ChristmasKeyword AssignmentKeywordsMaximising RevenuetaxonomyTopic Assignment+-

Christmas is a scary time of year for many shoppers as they have to buy gifts for the extended family - some members of which they don’t know particularly well. Even though it’s customary to ask recipients what they would like to receive, there is still usually a plethora of vague messages which leave a heavy burden on the shopper.


There are two ways to help out such shoppers, and usually two quite different types of shoppers actually. The first way is to set up manual ...

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Maximising Revenue #2 - Affino's Holistic Approach vs Fragmented Social Commerce

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionComrzinternet retailLead GenerationMaximising Revenueonline retailShopping Basket AbandonmentShopping Basket ManagementShopping Cart Abandonmentsocial commerce+-

This post was prompted by an email we received last week stating - "How much do you lose to cart abandonment?" - from a certain something company offering a very specific solution for spotting, analysing and dealing with abandoned shopping carts. This highlights two very different approaches to eCommerce sites in general - most of the sites out there are what we would determine fragmented ’bolt-ons’ - i.e. a core eCommerce / checkout system with lots of 3rd party integrations - ...

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The Main Reasons for Online Shopping Basket Abandonment and what to do about it

Abandoned Shopping BasketAbandoned Shopping CartAffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionComrzDelivery PricesecommerceEconsultancyExperianinternet retailInternet ShoppingMaximising Revenueonline retailPayPalShopping Basket Abandonmentsocial commerceTolunaQuick+-

An interesting piece on Econsultancy indicates the key reasons for Shopping Basket abandonment, which Experian estimates is costing UK retailers £1bn+ each year. In an online survey conducted by Econsultancy and TolunaQuick, 44% of customers indicated that they had abandoned a purchase, and cited high delivery charges as the key reason.


Results and key questions as follows:


After adding items to your basket, what would make you abandon your purchase?

  • 77% - High
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Maximising Revenue #1 - More effective customer targeting through Multi-domain Delivery

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionAffino ZoneComrzecommerceeTesteTest.ieGill & MacmillanGill & Macmillan BooksGill & Macmillan EducationGill & Macmillan Fireworksinternet retailMaximising RevenueMore SuccessMulti-domainMulti-domain DeliveryMultiple Storesonline retailpublishingSounds Good PhonicsZone+-

We were somewhat surprised to find that the majority of eCommerce platforms cannot easily be set up or extended for Multi-domain Delivery. By this I mean the ability to target different market segments - whether geographic or other specialisation, by adjusting settings on the same site licence.

The Affino Social Commerce Solution offers just such an ability out-of-the-box; we call it a ’Zone’. You can set up numerous Zones on your Affino site licence - all with different URLs or ...

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Brand Affiliation and Loyalty

AffinoAldiAsdaAudiBarclaysBMWBrand AffiliationBrand LoyaltyBrandingBritish GasCentricaComrzEDFEEEONHSBCLandcruiserLloydsLloyds TSBM&SMercedesNatWestNpowerO2OcadoOrangePorsche CayenneRange RoverRWESaabSainsburySantanderTescoThames WaterToyota LandcruiserTSBVodafoneVolkwagenVolvoWaitrose+-

For all our Affino customers - "how do you relate to the Affino brand?" We hope that it underlines that you are adventurous, confident, creative, innovative, pioneering and smart in your decision making, forward-thinking, yet secure in the knowledge that we at Affino wholly practice what we preach and apply due care and attention to what we do. What about your relationships with other leading brands, what defines and builds long term loyalty and affiliation - which brands are more you than ...

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Responsive Design in Affino

ActionAffinoChannelComrzControldesigndesign centredesign elementsDisplayFlashImageLayoutMediaMenusMethodologySettingsSkinStructureSupportTables+-
Responsive Design Image

We’re getting ready to move Affino to being fully responsive. This will be the major initiative over the coming months now that we have the auto-scaling cloud infrastructure in place.

Big Bang

There will be a switchover from the current way Affino page designs are created to a new responsive approach, like moving from analogue to digital.

We won’t have dual Design Centres in Affino at any point, it’s a one-off transition to the new Responsive Designs when you update to Affino...

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Affino Store Credits are the Ultimate Customer Incentives

AffinoAffino CommerceAffino Customer LadderAffino eCommerceAffino Social CommerceAffino Store CreditsAutomated Customer LadderComrzconversion eventsCustomer Incentivescustomer ladderecommercemonetisationsocial commerceStore CreditsWebsite Monetisation+-

The most significant of the eCommerce introductions in the Affino 7.1 release is our new Store Credits system. This of course bolsters the existing Service Credits - where Consumers are rewarded for their onsite activities with access to premium features and functions. Store Credits of course give your website a fully monetised approach to incentives.


Customers can accrue Store Credits in three ways - by making a purchase, similar to the Boots / Frequent Flyer / Nectar / Tesco loyalty ...

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The incredible utility of Affino Panels

AffinoAffino 7Affino DEsAffino DesignAffino Design CentreAffino Design ElementsAffino Design ObjectsAffino PanelsButton DEComrzComrz DesignDesign Cetredesign elementsdesign objectsPanel ElementsPanels+-

My favourite introduction in the Affino 7.1 release is something I have been campaigning after for a while - Panel Design Elements.


The versatility and utility of Panels in Affino is really quite remarkable, as you can combine any of Affino’s 80+ Design Elements into a separate Design Object - which can pop-up from any Button DE.


Several sites already have made use of a Login DE as a Panel on a login button - as you can also see top right on this site. In fact the top ...

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