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November 30th Breakfast Briefing - Monetising Content and Affino Roadmap

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The weather gods smiled on us this last Friday when around 50 or so Clients, interested parties and Affino staffers convened at the One Alfred Place Store Street Lounge for the key annual Affino State of the Union Address. Sitting midway along Tottenham Court Road - light flows in through three sides of rather generously placed tall arched windows - the superbly naturally-lit space would make for an excellent art atelier.


Guest Speakers on this occasion were Marjan Askins, Head of ...

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A 12 Step Visual Guide to Affino's Fully Baked-In GDPR Solution

Affino GDPRAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformFeaturedGDPRGDPR Framework+-

The purpose of this article is to give you a comprehensive overview of the extensive smart GDPR Solution fully built into the Affino Unified Digital Business Platform. These screens give you a shortcut on a lot of integral complexity which does still require a fair amount of setup - but with Affino’s detailed guides and live examples is something that any Affino Client can easily and relative quickly accomplish.


Affino’s GDPR is designed to fully safe-guard the consumer as ...

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How Diligent Deployment of Affino can help you Minimise your Hack / Attack Surface

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformInternet SecurityRisk AssessmentRisk ManagementSecurity+-

A recent article in The Telegraph about a Fortnum & Mason customer data breech highlights a common area of weakness to most integrated web solutions. Your typical Digital Deployment consists of a stack of disparate component systems which need to be integrated together to be able to work as a complete solution. Every separate component system which is introduced into the mix increases your risk profile - and gives hackers and cybercriminals more avenues for attacking your systems and ...

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10 Steps All Affino Digital Managers should be taking to Get Ahead

AffinoAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformContent MeteringContent Personalisationconversion eventsCustomer Engagementcustomer ladderPersonalisationRelated Contenttaxonomy+-

Overall, Affino is a pretty unique tool-box of structural elements and automated processes - which not everyone yet is using to their full advantage. Understandably, this is often to do with different operational priorities and resource limitations, but by and large you don’t need to do much to improve your impact, just learn from your more successful Affino colleagues. Here follows a list of relatively straightforward tasks that all can take advantage of to advance their digital presence ...

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The Four Flavours of Affino Development

AffinoAffino DevelopmentAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformBusiness PlatformDevelopmentDevelopment Process+-

When Affino engages in development work there are typically 4 different types of work we are involved in. When someone comes to us with a requirement there are various ways we can go about meeting that requirement. Creating something entirely from scratch, or re-using or modifying some existing part or parts of the system.


Once work is underway, it’s not always 100% clear how the final solution will work out. What works well on paper and in planning can often test poorly once you...

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Check out our recently updated Affino Features Pages

Affino BenefitsAffino FeaturesAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformCustomer EngagementFeaturedFull-Spectrum Customer EngagementMedia Digital Business PlatformProfessional Services Digital Business Platform+-

Over the last few months we’ve been remodelling and re-originating our ’Features’ pages to cover all the latest updates and patch releases. On the old site we handled Features somewhat differently and listed them on a more individual basis - meaning 60 or so separate articles (covering 100’s of features).


This time around we have largely taken a more holistic approach, and grouped Affino Features into more contextual / larger categories. We can probably ...

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Affino Instrumental

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformExperimentationPracticeSandboxSpecificationsStaging InstanceTraining+-

As with most things in life, those that maintain a regular schedule of activities are more likely to get the most out of those activities. It has come to our attention that those that don’t follow-up with regular hands-on Affino sessions are likely to get rusty with time, and may even struggle with certain core basic maintenance activities which can be detrimental and even dangerous (security etc.) to the overall site experience.


In this piece we look to the metaphor of learning ...

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Bathrooms and Showers Direct Refreshes and Reinvigorates its Digital Presence with Affino

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformB2B RetailBathroom Fittings and FurtnishingsBathrooms and Showers DirectConsumer RetailecommerceFeaturedPPCresponsive designRetailseoSSL+-

We’ve been working with Bathrooms and Showers Direct (BASD) for nigh on a decade now and have had to handle a variety of challenges together over the years, in particular the complexities of the integration with Google Base / Google Merchant Centre which is an ongoing project with Google’s consistently evolving approach.


BASD is something of a special case in that it targets and serves both the trade, as well as domestic customers through the same ecommerce website, i.e. ...

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TSG Transforms Digital Presence with Affino

Affino Brand StrategyAffino DesignAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformProfessional ServicesTesting Solutions GroupTSGTSG Consulting+-

When TSG Consulting and Affino first met, it was quite evident that the existing website and branding were not adequately projecting the leadership status of this formidable City-based assurance software testing consultancy. Alongside identifying the key business drivers and workflows, Affino extrapolated the essence of the organisation into a brand profile - which would shape and inform the brand redesign as well as the site design.


You have to be able to look the part, as well as act...

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Development Choices, Benefits and Downsides - Common Core vs Custom vs Bespoke

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformApp DevelomentBespoke DevelopmentCore DevelopmentCustom DevelopmentDevelopment ChoicesPlatform DeploymentPlatform DevelopmentSoftware Development+-

When you decide you need an app or some sort of digital platform for your business, you have of course hundreds of possibilities typically as to which direction to take. There’s probably a tonne of generalist off-the-shelf solutions available which are near matches, as well as a number of more specialist options which have been tailored towards your particular type of business or sector.


Many people simply look at the most commonly used solutions by their competitors and then ...

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