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The End of UK Newspaper Print Circulation Reporting Signals Even Further Shift Towards Digital

ABCAudit Bureau of CirculationCirculationCirculation ReportingCoronavirusCovid-19Digital MediaNewspapersPrint Publishing+-

As of last Thursday - or May 21st, UK National Newspapers no longer need to make their print circulations public through auditors ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). We already know that Newspaper sales have dropped significantly since the onset of Coronavirus, but with the mandate lifted, we may never properly know to what degree those figures have declined.


It used to be that Print Figures and Print Advertising were two of the main drivers for news publishers - to an extent that ...

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Spotify Finally Seems Like It's Making Extended Range Portable Music Collections a Possibility

Mobile Music LibraryMusic PlayerMusic StreamingPlaylistsPortable DukeboxPortable Music LibrarySpotify+-

Spotify has recently announced that it’s at last removing the 10,000 Song limit on personal collections. What exactly this means still isn’t entirely clear, and as per my testing today those limits still seem to be very firmly in place - and I’m still getting the alerts! Weird too is that the announcement appears in several news and social media, but not in Spotify’s own news feed - which is leading on the Joe Rogan Experience story? ...

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The Forthcoming Unreal Engine 5 Will Usher in a New Immersive Age for Gaming, Film and Television

Epic GamesGraphics EngineImmersive EntertainmentImmersive FilmImmersive Movie ExperienceImmersive TVPlayStation 5Unreal Engine 5+-

I must confess that my gaming days are largely behind me - while I do dabble occasionally - but I certainly continue to keep tabs on the latest gaming developments. The recent Unreal 5 Engine Reveal - which demonstrates the latest iteration of that forthcoming graphics and sound engine running on the forthcoming PlayStation 5 platform is just stunning.


You can see how much incredible effort has been put into getting everything to behave more fluidly and naturally - from the look and ...

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Safe Entertainment and Dining Trends in the Shadow of Coronavirus

CoronavirusCovid-19Dining TrendsDrive-InDrive-ThruEntertainment TrendsSocial Distancing+-

This article was inspired by a number of recent news features on the BBC and other media - which detailed how some enterprising individuals and organisations are navigating the new era of social distancing - and making the most of the current conditions.


Truth is that much of what we considered normal and everyday life has had to change in order that society as a whole can be better shielded and protected from potential contagion and infection. I recall back on February 29th at the ...

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Affino 8.0.21 - the Ad Sales and Sales Reporting Release

ad salesadvertisingCRMecommerceFeaturedsales reporting+-
Ad Sales and Sales Reporting

We are right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, so this release is focused on supporting our community with more scale and faster performance following the 100% increase in traffic and messages being sent which we have seen these past couple of months. There is also a focus on smoothing and improving the sales process, at a time where all revenues are increasingly precious, and we have rolled out a number of innovations to better support working from home.


This release sees two ...

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Happy Mando Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with You!

May the 4th be with youMay the force be with youStar Wars Day

With no big Star Wars event on the horizon - and all the forthcoming movies still in their planning stages - 2020 Star Wars Day is really mostly about The Mandalorian. Sure we have new episodes of the animation series Clone Wars, but it’s the recent sidekick action drama which has captured the public’s imagination.


For me actually The Mandalorian / Mando is quite an old formula at heart - a sort of buddy / sidekick dynamic - obviously made somewhat different by the ...

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A lot has happened since we posted our piece on the Upper Tax Tribunal and its judgment on VAT exclusions for digital editions - in particular news-related offerings. In fact Chancellor Rishi Sunak has brought forward the new legislation and HMRC changes a lot earlier - considering the hit publishers have been taking during this pandemic.


Effective Today 1st of May - Publishers no longer need to pay 20% VAT on the sale of any Digital Edition. As defined largely by the recent Tribunal -...

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Affino 8.0.20 - The Subscription and Membership Release Visual Highlights

AffinoCRMecommerceFeaturedSubscriptionsSubscriptions & Memberships+-
Subscription and Membership Release Visual Guide

The visual guide to the Subscription and Membership update for Affino, which sees breakthrough enhancements for B2B operations, B2B subscriptions and membership sales, marketing, management and reporting, along with key ecommerce and topic enhancements.

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Delivering successful Subscription and Membership services to achieve Recurring Revenue Growth

AffinoCoronavirusCovid-19SubscriptionsSubscriptions & Memberships+-
Recurring Revenue Growth

As we move through the current crisis, if there has been one consistent question which has driven discussions with our Affino media clients as they look beyond the immediate chaos of securing remote working, mitigating the cost base, and adapting to prevailing circumstances, it is: “where can we make progress?”

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Essential Webinar Advice from Charity Digital

Charity DigitalCoronavirusCovid-19Webinar PlanningWebinarsZoom+-

There are several different models and formats for successful Webinar Delivery, and Charity Digital have hit a rare vein of form with their regular series of Webinars. We previously posted the excellent interview with James Harley of Drewry who talked us through their own expert-led briefings. Charity Digital run a great series of Webinars mixing both in-house and sponsored presenters.


We shared in the wisdom of CEO Jonathan Chevalier, Marketing Manager Chris Hall, Events Manager Mimi ...

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