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Three Reasons Why you should choose Parajumpers as your next High Quality Winter Parka

Canada GooseMonclerParajumpersWinter AnorakWinter CoatWinter Parka+-

For the last 10 years or so we have had 3 key brands fighting for marketplace dominance in the higher echelon winter parka category. Most will already know these brands - Canada Goose, Moncler and Parajumpers. I’ve known them all for a good 10 years at least possibly 20 or more for Goose and Moncler.


I think around 7 years ago now I ventured out to buy a quality parka - Moncler had a shop on Sloane street still, and Canada Goose was stocked in Harrods and Harvey Nicks, ...

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Engineering Better Businesses

AffinoAffino OnboardAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformBusiness EngineeringBusiness PlatformCollaborationDigital BusinessDigital Business PlaformEngineering Growthsolutionsuccess+-

We are in the business of building businesses - digitized / digital businesses per se, but not necessarily in the way that you might perceive, and certainly not as a fully stand-alone and independent activity. We construct business vehicles and vessels - which still need to be properly manned and skippered. Constructing the system is only the starting point, it needs to be correctly deployed for success. Just as you can buy the most technically proficient vessel to race in the America’s ...

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A Music Fan's Adventures in the Cloud - Vox Player Caveats and Pitfalls

Cloud MusicCloud-based Music OrganiserDigital Music PlayeriExploreriTunesMusic CollectionMusic LibraryMusic OrganiserNightbirdsevolve MetaVox Player+-

I will start this piece by saying that I’ve finally had it with Apple iTunes - that over-bloated software is now long past its sell-by-date. I’ve lost count of how many times iTunes has mangled my 500+ playlists. I recently updated to a new primary machine - a MacBook Pro 15 and was advised to switch on iCloud storage, backup etc, for everything. And while this works well for the majority of your files - it turns out it is complete suicide for your own music library - as Apple is ...

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10 Benefits of Single-Sourcing

Adblock-alypseAffinoAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformCookie ArmageddonMobilegeddonProcess AutomationSales and Marketing AutomationSeamless Customer JourneySingle Customer ViewSingle Sourcing+-

Most complete digital solutions out there are a hybrid mix of as many as a score of different component elements. Buying and integrating lots of disparate systems has certain advantages, but there are twice as many disadvantages, particularly within the current climate of Cookie Armageddon and Mobilegeddon - whereby hybrid and disconnected solutions are being penalised across the board - by browsers, operating systems, platforms, search engines etc.; more than that though, they are ...

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GDPR: Legitimate Interest Assessment + Necessity and Balancing Tests

Balancing TestDPOGDPRLegitimate Interest AssessmentNecessity Test+-

As a likely DPO candidate, I’m still having a touch of a tricky time getting to grips with some of the key GDPR concepts, and in an attempt to better familiarise myself with the essential parameters, I am writing this piece as much for my own erudition as for the readers.


At the heart of most of this are these 3 key conditions:

  1. Your business / organisation needs to acquire explicit consent (logged opt-in) from a consumer on essentially how you market directly to them using
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House Music Label Odyssey

Classic HouseDance MusicDance Music HistoryDance Music IndustryDeep HouseHouse MusicHouse Music Label OdysseyHouse Music LabelsHouse Music OdysseyMusic IndustryRecord CollectingRecord CollectionRecord Label OdysseyTechnoVinylVinyl Records+-

I was born in the very last year of the 60’s and thus had the good fortune to live through three major evolutions of dance music. First came Disco in the mid to late 70’s and this was followed by synthesized dance music in the very early 80’s; the two would then combine and evolve in around 1983/84 to form the many flavours of House Music. I took dance lessons early - from around the age of 6, and after Saturday Night Fever, lived in the shadow of Tony Manero - I was that ...

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The Adblockalypse and Cookie Armageddon are at their most potent yet - which means Ad-supported businesses need Affino more than ever

AdblockalypseAdblockersAd-Supported BusinessadvertisingCookie ArmageddonDigital AdvertisingPrivacy+-

With more and more browsers now baking stringent Ad-blocking functionality directly into their core operation - in particular Apple Safari and Google Chrome per recent updates; and Ad-blocking Apps and extensions being ever more clever at spotting and screening out different types of ads - the only way to continue business as usual is to use something like Affino - which bakes its native ad-handling functionality into its core page delivery mechanics - making the ad parts indiscernible from the...

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Why Editorial Voice is increasingly important, and what that entails

Brand IdentityBrand ValuesDigital ContentEditorialEditorial Voice+-

The root of several challenges for the Internet lies in over-supply really. For the majority of businesses are no longer just competing with companies in the same town, next town or region, not even really nationwide or same continent even - some of their competitors are likely way oversees and quite probably the other side of the world too.


Say you are sector news provider - the way news delivery works these days is through a pretty broad network of specialist journalists - many of ...

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The UK's 10 Best Online Shops according to Which?

Best Online ShopsBest UK EcommerceBest UK Online Shopsecommerceonline retailOnline StoresWhich?Which? Best Online Shops+-

In its latest magazine, Which? rates the UK’s online shops on 5 key criteria to ascertain which provide the best experience. It does not fully explain the mechanics of its weighting and what emphasis is placed on its own experts’ scores versus those returned in the customer survey. It also excludes the big grocery retailers from this survey for some reason.


My 3 preferred online go-to vendors have been Amazon, Ebay and Ocado for some time now - in that order of frequency. I...

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Comrz Team-building in Iceland thrives in all kinds of weather

Blue LagoonComrzComrz TeamGeysirGullfossIcelandJökulsárlónKeriðRáðhúsiðReykjavikSkógafossTeam Building+-

Our journey started with a 06:40 flight from EasyJet’s Hub - the typically budget airline misleadingly named London Luton. As Iceland is on GMT time all-year-round, we arrived at the ridiculously early time of 08:40 (local time) after a 3 hour flight. Our parents had graciously agreed to pick us up at the airport in two cars, and stopped en-route to the Alba Guesthouse at our town’s local bakery for a fresh / refreshing breakfast (


We then dropped our cases ...

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