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Why Affino's Full Service Fidelity is key to the Future Success of Your Business

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You will no doubt have read about Google’s intentions to end support of 3rd party cookies in the near future, following in the footsteps of Apple and Firefox.


What this means to almost all websites and web-based-businesses is that their services will be severely curtailed - as most rely heavily on stitching together multiple applications and plugins through the use of JavaScript and 3rd party cookies.


We probably have not been vocal enough about this as billions of dollars are being invested, even now, in technologies that the sellers know will be delivering a compromised experience from the outset.


Safety and Security is our Top Priority


All of us at Affino put personal security and safety top of the agenda, which means we’ve been using the Ghostery Privacy Tool since it first came out - on all our browsers. Apple recently announced that it would be rolling out similar cookie identification and process permissioning into all its core platforms - including the Safari Browser and the Apple Apps ecosystem.


Whenever there is a data breach - it typically occurs at the intersection of all these different platform integrations, and the more platforms you run to deliver the web experience, the more you open your customers up to security issues.


Ever since we first started using Ghostery we have come to realise just how much most sites rely on 3rd party cookies - your typical news / media site has at least a dozen disparate apps on the page - including the social tools, commenting systems, video and media players - which all require 3rd party cookie enabling to work as they’re pulling in remote software / code.


You don’t even want to mention advertising, analytics packages and inter-site preferences tracking - which is all done by 3rd party cookies which are increasingly failing on billions of browsers and devices.


We’ve long been saying that the typical web infrastructure out there is badly broken as it relies far too much on 3rd party cookies and JavaScripts - all of which are easily disabled by any half decent Privacy Tool / Browser Plugin. More importantly there is no longer any need to install such tools on an increasing array of browsers and devices. Apples iOS 14 and Safari 14 will default to strictly enforcing privacy at a high level, and will prevent 90% plus of websites out there from serving the full user experience.


Some of the worst offending sites can have up to 60 different 3rd party apps on a single screen. These will be badly broken, with poorer user experiences and lower monetisation for a big part of the audience.


As Privacy Measures are increasing all those methods are under serious threat - Affino stands out as one of the few exceptions which delivers from a single source with no compromises.


Unblockable Ads and Analytics


Affino’s major advantage is that its Unified Business Platform handles all activities natively and directly. Meaning that within the core platform there are first-hand solutions for all the key services running on most sites.


With Affino - ’Full Service Fidelity’ is in place for every customer interaction as everything is handled natively and locally on the site. This leads to unblockable ads and analytics, so where with other systems under privacy conditions all advertising will be screened out - on Affino those ads are still visible.


The same goes for all the interactive member tools - registrations, newsletter signups, comments, sharing, forums and message boards, ecommerce transactions, event bookings and subscriptions. Affino is one of the very few systems if not the only system that can deliver all those services seamlessly.


Seamless Delivery


Full Service Fidelity not only ensures your business continuity, it does so under a more secure and protective environment for your own business and its customers. There are many out there that purport to have full-service solutions - but none were developed seamlessly from scratch to contain all those elements as core - as Affino in fact does.


Future Proofing


Using anything less than a unified single-source solution delivers a compromised and broken user experience - which endangers the safety and security of your customers, and potentially the longer-term viability of your business.


The Affino way makes even more sense now within the current changing environment. It’s not a throwaway statement to say that the future success of your business very much depends on what decisions you make now as web sites and digital infrastructure investments typically cover three to five year lifespans, imagine how compromised your setup will be when 3rd party cookies simply stop working in a couple of years.


Our CEO Markus Karlsson and CCO Jonathan Collins are ever available for introductions and consultations.

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