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What Makes an Audience CRM - and how does it deliver more benefits than a regular Sales CRM

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Audience CRM vs Sales CRM

Audience CRM vs Sales CRM

The Many Benefits and Advantages of an Audience CRM

Audience CRM is better at delivering the numbers

The Affino Unified Business Platform is a singular holistic solution - where everything has been developed to work seamlessly together from the ground up. Right at the core of the solution sits the Affino Audience CRM which is fully directly connected to every part and aspect of the system and instantly logs every engagement, transaction and interaction in real time.


The Audience CRM delivers more breadth and depth of scope - with instant and immediate reactions to every user-interfacing action. CRM Dashboards not only inform you what’s happening in real-time - they allow for numerous dynamic actions to occur - automated and manual - to suit near enough any follow-up scenario.


By contrast a Sales CRM is usually an add-on solution - typically integrated further with disparate platforms - as part of an extensive and hybrid enterprise stack. This article explores some of the key differences between those two approaches - before follow-up articles go into more depth and detail on exactly how an Audience CRM typically delivers better results.

Audience CRM vs Sales CRM


The head-to-head of what brings the maximum impact and benefit

Baked-in vs Add-on

As mentioned - the integral Affino Audience CRM sits fully connected at the core of the solution, while a Sales CRM is more of an add-on - where you need to integrate and set up all the different interaction points. Affino's Audience CRM is fully connected to everything that goes on - for each and every customer contact and interactions - while a Sales CRM through its bolt-on nature - is not capable of the same degree of expansiveness and immediacy.

Seamless vs Integrated

Seamless means already hard-wired into all engagement, interaction and transaction points - Integrated means you need to make all your connections via API's and scripted System Integrations - which will never be near as all-encompassing or instant, or reliable even.

Pervasive vs Constrained

Being seamlessly hardwired into all activities - means your Audience CRM is involved in everything - from the very first contact, registration or interaction - Sales CRM's are constrained by the nature of the limits imposed by having to apply and maintain API's and Integration Scripts which will never be as direct - they cannot bring the same degree of all-encompassing immediacy and crucially have a much more constrained data funnel.

Unified vs Fragmented

The Audience CRM grows and evolves out of the sum of all its interconnected parts - a Sales CRM in contrast sits largely off to one side, rather than at the epicentre - and does not equally connect to all parts of the typically hybrid enterprise stack solution.

Universal Access vs Departmental

For an Audience CRM - all departments and staff groups can have access to monitor and manage all parts of the solution - Sales, Marketing, Support and Admin all together, while typical Sales CRM's tend to be silo'd within Sales and Marketing departments.


With the Audience CRM you have whole and complete immersive collaboration across all the audience interactions and data points - which you then choose how to partition based on privacy, security and the overall company culture. With an Audience CRM every empowered staffer has the ability to be up to speed with each individual and group - which is the core to efficiency and effectiveness.

Always-on vs Ad-Hoc Automation

The Audience CRM is by its nature connected to all customer activities at all times, while a Sales CRM needs to have its Automations programmed and enabled. A Sales CRM cannot have the same degree of interconnectivity versus a solution where all connectivity is baked into the entirety of the solution and sits at the epicentre of that solution.

Broad and Extensive vs Restrained Sales Funnel

Because the Audience CRM is more connected to the places where you interact with your audience, it is far more pervasive and instant - it delivers many more sales leads over a an extended period of engagement into a host of fully and semi-automated sales funnels, and crucially drives the conversation forward by itself without manual intervention on the front-end.


A sales CRM delivers fewer active leads and its impact is more momentary and message / landing page campaign-focused.

Active Lifecyle Engagement vs Selective Engagement

An Audience CRM is engaged for all customer facing activities from marketing, sales, onboarding, through membership upgrades and retention.


A Sales CRM, because of its bolt-on nature, can never be as deeply embedded within the expansive customer lifecycle.

Audience Development vs Primary Sales Targeting

The central purpose of an Audience CRM is Audience Building from, and directly adapting to, every engagement, while Sales CRM activities tend to be centered largely around more linear Sales Targeting Campaigns.

More Dynamic Audience Segmentation and Targeting vs Limited Subset

An Audience CRM has the maximum contact and data points per customer and evolves a lot more rapidly along automated and dynamic lines - while a regular Sales CRM cannot be as fluid and precise and relies far more on manual intervention.


This article simply sets out the main differentiators and determinators for an Audience CRM - and how it serves Audience development far better than a regular Sales CRM. There are instances when both are needed to work together - for some very specific processes and scenarios - while most businesses and organisations will benefit more from deploying an Audience CRM.


Follow-up articles to this will go into more details about the specific inner workings of Audience CRM's - likely starting with how you get richer and more long-tail Audience Engagement and Sales Funnels.

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