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Affino 8.0.12 - The Performance Release


This Affino release is the fourth and final major release of 2018, and is all about performance. Affino’s page speed delivery has been improved by between 40% and 300% across the board, which will be followed by a further 30% improvement in the new year when Affino moves to the new app stack and hosting architecture. The improvement in speed should directly lead to greater engagement, longer sessions, more reads per session and more productive management.


Individual performance ...

Affino 8 GDPR Part Two

Affino 8.0.6 is the third major release this year, and the second major GDPR focused release. It includes all the second phase GDPR capabilities including: the new cookie settings and cookie bar; automated contact archiving and deletion (and record extension); updated Scripts including the ability to have Zone scripts and to disable them on the cookie settings; improved registration workflows; and a host of improvements to permissions and preferences throughout Affino.


This release ...

Affino 7.5.12 Release - Looks, Usability and Performance



This is a nice Affino release which makes Affino and your sites better looking, faster, more robust and more usable. There are nearly three hundred improvements in this release, and the improvements are really across the board. A great number of the front end interfaces look and flow substantially better in this release and we have a great new Smart Article Listing that transforms how much flexibility you have with listing out content.


Following on from the biggest Affino ...

Affino 7.5.10 Release - CRM Evolution

Affino Update

This is the biggest Affino CRM release to-date, in fact it is simply the biggest Affino release altogether. It’s been twenty months and a couple of man-decades since we started working on many of the elements which we are bringing together today.


The goal of this release has been to turbocharge all aspects of the CRM, sales, financial reporting and production elements in Affino. We’ve added a third dimension to the order management in Affino in the new Pro Forma Orders, ...

Affino 7.5 Mindmap

Affino 7.5 Mindmap PNG

The Affino 7.5 release is an instance where the whole is much greater than the sum of it’s parts. Each new feature rolled out in this release is complimentary to the overall goal of creating the most effective Social CRM on the market today. What makes the release so exciting is that Affino now rewards every effort of the Sales / Marketing and Community teams by giving back much more in terms of insight through the connections between the CRM, messaging campaigns, live sites, ecommerce, ...

Affino 6.0.12 Mindmap

Affinocampaignscomments and ratingsecommerceSalesforce.comskinsusability+-
Affino 6.0.12 Mindmap

If Ecommerce is a big part of what you do with your Affino site then this is a great release for you. It’s especially good if you’re using Affino for running multiple Zones, Stores, Campaigns and regions.


There are some great new ecommerce capabilities such as the Supplier Management, Product Drill Down Menu DE and Recently Viewed Products DE. Of all the updates in this release approximately 50 are directly ecommerce related and pretty much all the remainder are directly ...

Affino 6.0.12 Release - Ecommerce

Affinocampaignsecommercepoint releasesocial commercesocial marketplace+-
Long Status Updates

This is the eighth and final release of 2012. It’s a great ecommerce release. Almost every enhancement in this release improves the store management experience. The most significant enhancement is the ability to have Detail Skins on a Channel. This allows for specific Skins to display product details. These can be coupled with all the great new ecommerce Design Elements we’ve created over recent releases including the great new Recently Viewed Products DE.


It is now ...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year