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Affino 8.0.19 - The Control Side Release

The Control Side

The Control Site update is a precursor release to the major upcoming subscription and commerce release, with some great new intel tools and core updates, including new article and audience reports, enhanced campaign intel and a major update to the wysiwyg editor.

Affino 7.5.13 Release - Media Library, Messaging, Design and CRM

AffinoanalysisblogsdesignfaqsHRmedia librarymessagingprofiling+-

Whilst there is no theme to this Affino release, we’re very happy to be bringing it to you as it contains some big improvements in how you can roll out and manage your Affino sites. The biggest improvements that will impact everyone are the ability to roll out media libraries on responsive sites, and the new Smart Article Listing Design Element which allows even greater variety when rolling out page designs.


We’re also rolling out two of the most requested features we&rsquo...

Affino 7.5.7 Release - Design Tweaks and Bug Fixes

AffinoanalysisChannelcontrol centreCRMdesigndesign centredesign elementspublishSocial+-


This is primarily a quick Bug Fix release, but nonetheless it has some nice new features for responsive sites with the updated Site Search being the most anticipated as it now allows for reverse chronological searches with a greatly improved look and feel. We’ve also launched the new responsive newsletter sign-up page which has been keenly awaited.


More significantly in many ways, this release sees the v1 version or the Responsive Prime Related Content DE which will ...

Top 10 Affino Developments in 2014

AffinoanalysisConversion FunnelsIdentified Userresponsive designSmart SegmentationSocial CRMTop Ten+-
Affino Wordle 2014

2014 saw some great new developments for Affino. Many of the developments happened outside of the product side, key highlights being growing our revenues by 70%, focusing on the Affino brand so everything about us is now Affino, and growing the team by 50% with great new team members. We also made significant leaps forward within the UK media space, of which we’ll be able to tell and show you much more over the coming months.


Affino’s growing footprint meant that we’...

Affino 7.4 Usability and CRM

AffinoanalysisCRMdesigndesign centreForumMediaProductivitySearchservicesSkinSocialUpgrade+-
Search Overlay

Affino 7.4 is very much a usability focused release which includes six months’ worth of usability improvements and bug fixes. There are key usability improvements throughout Affino and the CRM in particular has been transformed in its day-to-day usability with this release.


Affino 7.4 also introduces two new significant behind the scenes changes. The first is that everything now points to, the second is the shift for the Design Centre to be the Classic Design Centre. ...

Affino 2014 Priorities

Affinoanalysiscommercedashboardsdesignintegrationmarketing automationMediamobilepromotionpublishingresponsive designsales automationSocialusability+-
Affino 2014 Priorities Mindmap

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Affino. Q1 will see the Affino 7.5 release, which introduces the new Responsive Page Designs. These have been a long time coming, but the wait will be worth it. To provide the best experience we went right back to the drawing board for how we serve live pages in Affino so that we could produce the very best responsive interfaces.


In fact Responsive Design is the main priority for the first 6 months of 2014 and everyone should look to be rolling ...

Top 10 Affino Developments in 2013

Affinoanalysiscommerce dashboarddesign panelsexportsimportsinvitesmessagingperformancerelationshipsScalingsocial commerceStore Creditsuptime+-
Affino in 2013

2013 was a year of two halves for Affino development. The first half was primarily focused on the Affino user experience and the second half has been focused on creating a new Responsive Design front-end for Affino which is due for launch in Q1 this year. Along the way Affino saw some great improvements.


1) Performance


We built Affino to scale this year, and to scale at speed without needing any human intervention. This meant major architectural changes where we changed ...

Affino 2013 Priorities - Update

AffinoanalysisAuto Scalingcommercecontrol centredesigndesign centreDevelopmentEvolutionLayoutpromotionresponsive designSocialStats+-
Affino 2013 Priorities Update

It’s the time of year where it’s good to review how far we’ve come with Affino’s development since we set out the 2013 Priorities. The big picture is that we’ve wrapped up one of the two biggest initiatives this year which was to re-architect Affino for super-scaling.




It took us half the year to get there, but we’re now seeing great up-time figures across the board for Affino’s SaaS services. There are still more ...

Affino 7.3 Release - Usability and Stability

Affinoanalysiscontrol centredesignexportsimportsjobReferral AnalysisUpgrade+-
Invites 3

Affino 7.3 is very much a usability and stability release prior to the major Affino 7.5 release, there are some great improvements though as always. Imports and Exports have greatly improved in this release. All imports are moving to XLS format making it easier to manage your products and allowing for much faster imports.


We have another major invites update which makes Invites in Affino as good as any you’ll find. We’ve improved all aspects of the invites and now provide ...

Affino 7.2 Release - Speed, Stability and Productivity

AffinoanalysisanalyticsbusinesscommercejobProductivityProjectsregistrationSecurityseoSmart EditSocialStatsTechnologiesUpgrade+-
Commerce Analysis Panel

Affino 7.2 is a major speed and stability improvement release. It addresses the issues which have arisen with moving all Affino SaaS sites to the new super scale cloud. This has been an extremely complex release to work on so it’s great to have it out.


Affino 7.2 is not only focused on delivering pages quickly and reliably, there are also many great enhancements across the board including: Invitations v2, Commerce Dashboard v2 and Smart Edit. In all there over 200 updates in this...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year