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Affino 8.0.25 - the Engagement and Insight Release

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This release sees over two hundred enhancements, to cap off a busy year, where the Affino team have tackled many of the biggest requirements requested by the Affino community, and delivered across the board through the Affino service.


The core focus for this release is engagement and insight. We are building on all the great new features and enhancements added this year, and providing a new level of insight into how the community interacts with your site and brands, and those of your ...

Affino 8.0.24 - the My Library and Bookmarking Release

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My Library

This release is a fast followup to the major Key Feature Request release. For more details of the key Affino 2.0.23 release see here. What is entirely new in this release is the new My Library, which empowers your audience to bookmark articles, videos and podcasts for future reference. It is another key step forward for Affino’s ability to provide a personalised experience to your audience.


Most of what’s new in this release involves polishing up the new capabilities ...

Affino 8.0.23 - the Top Requested Features Release

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Top Affino Features Release

This service update is a big step forward for the Affino Unified Business Platform, delivering on many of the most requested enhancements from the Affino community.


Many of the new features open up great new commercial opportunities for brands including: sponsored Podcasts and Videos, new realtime topic based news alerts, even better subscription automation, and digital archives. Self service directories see a major update and award entries can now be paid on or post submission. ...

Affino 7.4 Usability and CRM

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Search Overlay

Affino 7.4 is very much a usability focused release which includes six months’ worth of usability improvements and bug fixes. There are key usability improvements throughout Affino and the CRM in particular has been transformed in its day-to-day usability with this release.


Affino 7.4 also introduces two new significant behind the scenes changes. The first is that everything now points to, the second is the shift for the Design Centre to be the Classic Design Centre. ...

Affino 2014 Priorities

Affinoanalysiscommercedashboardsdesignintegrationmarketing automationMediamobilepromotionpublishingresponsive designsales automationSocialusability+-
Affino 2014 Priorities Mindmap

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Affino. Q1 will see the Affino 7.5 release, which introduces the new Responsive Page Designs. These have been a long time coming, but the wait will be worth it. To provide the best experience we went right back to the drawing board for how we serve live pages in Affino so that we could produce the very best responsive interfaces.


In fact Responsive Design is the main priority for the first 6 months of 2014 and everyone should look to be rolling ...

Responsive Design in Affino - Update

AccessAffinodesigndesign centredesign elementsDisplayGuideLayoutMediaProductivitySecuritySkinStructureSupport+-


We are right in the middle of rolling out Responsive Design in Affino and this post outlines many of the key decisions we have made, and why.


When researching approaches to implementing Responsive Design in Affino, we have been looking at existing tools such as Adobe Reflow and Webflow.


They have taken two opposite lines of approach. Adobe Reflow allows you to manipulate everything to the nth degree but makes the process very manual. It displays a grid, but it’s ...

Responsive Design in Affino

ActionAffinoChannelComrzControldesigndesign centredesign elementsDisplayFlashImageLayoutMediaMenusMethodologySettingsSkinStructureSupportTables+-
Responsive Design Image

We’re getting ready to move Affino to being fully responsive. This will be the major initiative over the coming months now that we have the auto-scaling cloud infrastructure in place.

Big Bang

There will be a switchover from the current way Affino page designs are created to a new responsive approach, like moving from analogue to digital.

We won’t have dual Design Centres in Affino at any point, it’s a one-off transition to the new Responsive Designs when you update to Affino...

Affino 7.1 Release - Super Scaling and Deep Engagement

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Affino 7.1 is now out, and it’s a major release in every way. Whilst there are many aspects to this Affino release, the two key threads are improved scaling and greater engagement. Affino 7.1 has been significantly re-architected to scale with new search and analytics engines. With the release of Affino 7.1 we will also be migrating sites to our new super-scaling cloud.


We’ve rolled out big updates to many core Affino services including Messaging, Search, Analysis, Customer...

Better Relationships

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Smarter Relations

Affino is named after affinity, and it’s ability to bring together content, products, people, media, events and communications. These are the core elements essential to any online business. We have many great elements in Affino for showcasing and recommending relevant related items, and are now making it much easier to make those connections.


Even though it is possible to make all the relationships work, it has definitely not been as productive as it could be. That all changes in...

Key Ecommerce Trends for 2013


Ecommerce is speeding up, and no one is safe if they’re not fully committed to meeting the evolving market head on. 2013 will see big winners and losers as more shopping goes digital.


Here are some of the key trends for the coming year.




Nothing comes close in importance to being able to tailor the buying experience for each and every one of the shoppers who comes to you, whether it’s online, on mobile devices, kiosks, in-store or via ...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year