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Affino SaaS 2020 In Review

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Affino 2020 In Review

2020 was the year where the Covid Pandemic response took centre stage. Affino’s focus has been on supporting the Affino community through the year, whilst transforming the service delivery for the new era.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Affino

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Merry Xmas Wishes

The Affino team wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thank you ever so much for your continued support in 2020 and we look forward to working with you again in the new year.


Without doubt 2020 has been traumatic for everyone, but it has been great to see the way everyone has come together to get through this year, and indeed to move forward and evolve faster than ever before.


The latest Affino release has seen five major new updates, with ...

Affino 8.0.25 - the Engagement and Insight Release

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This release sees over two hundred enhancements, to cap off a busy year, where the Affino team have tackled many of the biggest requirements requested by the Affino community, and delivered across the board through the Affino service.


The core focus for this release is engagement and insight. We are building on all the great new features and enhancements added this year, and providing a new level of insight into how the community interacts with your site and brands, and those of your ...

Affino 8.0.23 and 24 - Media, Awards, Editions, My Library and My Interests Visual Highlights

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Affino Media Visual Highlights

The latest Affino SaaS Updates have seen a transformation in Affino’s media capabilities, with big improvements in managing media assets and presenting them to the audiences. The biggest steps forward are the launch of the new generation Podcasting and Video Libraries. These feature fully native video and audio players, and extensive support for YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.


The other area to see the biggest advances is personalisation, with the introduction of the new My Interests...

Affino 8.0.24 - the My Library and Bookmarking Release

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My Library

This release is a fast followup to the major Key Feature Request release. For more details of the key Affino 2.0.23 release see here. What is entirely new in this release is the new My Library, which empowers your audience to bookmark articles, videos and podcasts for future reference. It is another key step forward for Affino’s ability to provide a personalised experience to your audience.


Most of what’s new in this release involves polishing up the new capabilities ...

Affino 8.0.23 - the Top Requested Features Release

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Top Affino Features Release

This service update is a big step forward for the Affino Unified Business Platform, delivering on many of the most requested enhancements from the Affino community.


Many of the new features open up great new commercial opportunities for brands including: sponsored Podcasts and Videos, new realtime topic based news alerts, even better subscription automation, and digital archives. Self service directories see a major update and award entries can now be paid on or post submission. ...

Affino 8.0.22 - the Usability and Performance Release

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Usability and Performance

At the start of this year we defined our top priority as raising the bar on all the great capabilities Affino already has in place. This release is all about improving on Affino’s user experiences. There are over 200 updates in this release making Affino faster, more capable, and more productive.


These range from calendar invites on events and seminars, to extending the marketing automation to include interactive customer loyalty and reward schemes. We’ve made awards more ...

Affino 8.0.21 - the Ad Sales and Sales Reporting Release

ad salesadvertisingCRMecommerceFeaturedResourcesales reportingUnified Business Platform+-
Ad Sales and Sales Reporting

We are right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, so this release is focused on supporting our community with more scale and faster performance following the 100% increase in traffic and messages being sent which we have seen these past couple of months. There is also a focus on smoothing and improving the sales process, at a time where all revenues are increasingly precious, and we have rolled out a number of innovations to better support working from home.


This release sees two ...

Affino 8.0.20 - The Subscription and Membership Release Visual Highlights

AffinoCRMecommerceFeaturedResourceSubscriptionsSubscriptions & MembershipsUnified Business Platform+-
Subscription and Membership Release Visual Guide

The visual guide to the Subscription and Membership update for Affino, which sees breakthrough enhancements for B2B operations, B2B subscriptions and membership sales, marketing, management and reporting, along with key ecommerce and topic enhancements.

Affino's Recommended Strategies for Leveraging the New Normality

Affino Coronavirus / Covid-19 Response

At Affino we have been responding to the evolving Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation on a daily basis and looking to provide as much support as possible to our community. Here are some of the highlights.

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