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Affino 8.0.27 - the Breakthrough Release Visual Guide

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Affino Breakthrough Release Visual Guide

Visual highlights to the Affino 8.0.27 Breakthrough Release

Affino now provides incredible insight to the highest converting content, and automatically uses it to drive sales

Affino launches the easiest way to design and build automated newsletters with the new Message Template Builder

This is the visual guide to the latest breakthrough features coming to the Affino SaaS service. See the related release notes for much more information.

Message Template Builder

Message Template Builder

Following a multi-year development project, and five further months of extensive testing by the Affino community, we are officially launching the new Affino Message Template Builder. You can now build great looking and incredibly smart messages for your campaigns in just five minutes (see the video).

Converting Articles Report and Automation

Converting Articles Report Filters v2

With this release Affino now knows what articles on your sites directly lead to sales conversions. This insight is presented in the Converting Articles Report, it is also used to present a unique list of articles to each user which is tailored to their interests and most likely to lead them to make a purchase. We have taken that further and Affino can send out a great looking list of the highest converting articles through the message campaigns using a new list available to drag and drop in on the new message template builder. This list could for example be emailed automatically to any registering user as content of interest.

Enhanced Analytics - Impressions, Consumption and Bookmarking

Updated Site Analyis

This release sees the introduction of deeper analytics for articles (which includes news, insight, product, event, review type articles and much more), videos and podcasts. Previously Affino simply reported on a single ‘View’ activity without breaking it down further. Affino now breaks this down further so that is shows the number of impressions as well as the number of times the content was consumed and bookmarked.

Checkout now with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay (beta), new PayPal, and new Pay360

Checkout now with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay (beta), new PayPal, and new Pay360

The checkout sees a host of great new features, and behind-the-scenes improvements in this release. At the forefront of the updates are Affino’s new support for Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even Microsoft Pay through Stripe. We have also rolled out the integration with the new PayPal APIs and for all four different payment methods Affino supports both one-off payments and fully auto-renewing subscription and membership payments.

Directories - Dealer and Brand Directories

Lamma Dealer Directory

This release sees a transformation in Affino’s managed company directory services. Affino now makes it possible to set up and manage multiple highly specialised company directories on a single site. Not only are there significant new filtering and sorting capabilities, but we have added further value-added capabilities for better showcasing and interacting with brands and dealers.

Directory - Brand Detail

Lamma Brand Detaiil

Directory - Brand Detail

SEO Health Check

SEO Health Check Expanded

We have also added a great new SEO Health Check to all articles within Affino. This health check can be seen when in the Control View on each article, it provides smart feedback on all aspects of the article to make key recommendations on how best to update the content for better SEO.

Batch Invoicing

Batch Invoicing

We are introducing new Batch Invoicing capabilities into Affino. It is now possible to generate a single PDF of all the invoices filtered by a given Edition and Month. This is intended for Ad and other Edition (issue) related bulk invoice processing, where all the invoices related to a specific issue need to be quickly printed off and placed in envelopes, or provided to the printers / distributors to be sent out with individual issues to clients for placement review.

Enhanced Article Steps

Enhanced Article Steps

It is now possible to expand the article step listing view by simply selecting ‘show details’ on both the article and the main Article Steps listing. When expanded you see the images and media for each step along with the step text and more of the key step settings. This greatly assists with both article creation and review. Affino now supports Alt text on all step images, and automatically displays the alt text below each step image.

Menu Design Element (v1 official)

Menu DE In-page Menus

We have previously announced the Menu Design Element and covered what it brings in detail. It was clear on launch though that it needed more polishing, which we have now completed. The Menu DE is transformative when it comes to building smart menus and we recommend you switch all your menus over to it with your next site refresh.

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