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The Equal Importance of Soft Marketing Power

Brand StrategyBrandingdesignDigital DesignDigital marketingMarkeitngSoft Powerwebsite design+-

There are several dimensions to marketing, and much like when you apply a paint brush to canvas, you use a variety of nuances in technique, touch, texture and detail to get your vision across fully dynamically. In marketing we talk about ’Push’ and ’Pull’, ’Leadership’ and ’Influence’. The classic push variety is a bold and brassy advertisement which hopefully visually punches the target audience right between the eyes - to make maximum impact. ...

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Shape Up and Lock Down Your Sites!

Certificate Signing RequestEncrypted Pagesresponsive designSecure PagesSecure Sockets LayerSecurity CertificateSite LockdownSSLSSL Encryptionwebsite designWebsite LockdownWebsite SecurityWebsite SSL+-

After fielding a number of question this year about site security, alongside general strategic recommendations, Affino has just two areas we want everyone to focus on this year:


#1 - Make Everything HTTPS


It Used to be the case that only Login, Registration, Checkout and User Account Screens were secured with SSL Encryption. The current advice though is to apply SSL to the entirety of your site - every page.


Just as search engines started to give priority to ...

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The difference between Adaptive, Native and Responsive Web Design

adaptive designAffinoAffino 7Comrzinterface designmobile appsMobile Designnative designresponsive designResponsive Web Designweb appsWeb Designwebsite design+-

As covered in earlier blog posts, ’Responsive’ design is one of Affino’s key priorities for 2013. Affino already handles ’Adaptive’ design, but what are the differences and benefits of each of these methodologies? A key trend in current web design is that people are increasingly accessing websites via their mobile devices - i.e. smartphones and tablets. Where before desktop / laptop was king, now customers are much more likely to access a company’s services ...

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Affino 7 Design Centre Evolution

AffinoAffino 7Affino Design CentreAffino Design ObjectsCell PaddingComrzdesign centreDesign Elementdesign objectsDIY Site ImplementatiionSmart Savewebsite design+-

Since it’s introduction in Affino in 2002, Design Centre has continued to blaze a trail of innovation for DIY site implementation. The only downside what that it was Flash based and therefore a technological dead end.


In Affino 7 the Design Centre has had to be re-written from the ground up, keeping all the elements which made it great and improving on it futher. The move to HTML 5 for the Object Designer means much more solid Design Object / Skin generation. Affino 7 has also ...

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New BBC Homepage Design has several drawbacks

BBCHomepage DesignInformation ArchitectureInformation HierarchyOnline PublishingTablet NavigationusabilityVisual Organisationwebsite designWebsite Functionality+-

I can totally see what the BBC is trying to achieve with their New Home Page Design, and largely I applaud their efforts, but not necessarily the results. All of us Web Professionals know that there is always a trade-off between functionality, usability and aethetics. With the acceletared rate of tablet uptake, particularly ’iPads’, we are seeing more and more tablet-style navigations as part of generic website design. Gone is the old-fashioned paging of the traditional internet ...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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