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Stefan's Naturally Aspirated Blog

10 Top Tips for Ecommerce

ecommerceEcommerce WishlistFuture of Online Retailinternet retailInternet Shoppingonline retailOnline Retail RewardsPost Purchase DissonancepublishingRetail ReassuranceRetail SimplicityReturns Handlingsocial commerce+-

Not only am I an Ecommerce Specialist for Affino, I am also an avid International Internet shopper. I buy goods from pretty much every part of the civilised world - from USA to Hong Kong and Japan and all the major states of Europe in between (20+ countries). I have bought all manner of goods at all manner of prices / currencies and dealt with various returns processes, goods forwarding services and general customer services - including advanced goods and customs / imports handling. My day-to-...

Maximising Revenue #2 - Affino's Holistic Approach vs Fragmented Social Commerce

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionComrzinternet retailLead GenerationMaximising Revenueonline retailShopping Basket AbandonmentShopping Basket ManagementShopping Cart Abandonmentsocial commerce+-

This post was prompted by an email we received last week stating - "How much do you lose to cart abandonment?" - from a certain something company offering a very specific solution for spotting, analysing and dealing with abandoned shopping carts. This highlights two very different approaches to eCommerce sites in general - most of the sites out there are what we would determine fragmented ’bolt-ons’ - i.e. a core eCommerce / checkout system with lots of 3rd party integrations - ...

The Main Reasons for Online Shopping Basket Abandonment and what to do about it

Abandoned Shopping BasketAbandoned Shopping CartAffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionComrzDelivery PricesecommerceEconsultancyExperianinternet retailInternet ShoppingMaximising Revenueonline retailPayPalShopping Basket Abandonmentsocial commerceTolunaQuick+-

An interesting piece on Econsultancy indicates the key reasons for Shopping Basket abandonment, which Experian estimates is costing UK retailers £1bn+ each year. In an online survey conducted by Econsultancy and TolunaQuick, 44% of customers indicated that they had abandoned a purchase, and cited high delivery charges as the key reason.


Results and key questions as follows:


After adding items to your basket, what would make you abandon your purchase?

  • 77% - High

Maximising Revenue #1 - More effective customer targeting through Multi-domain Delivery

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionAffino ZoneComrzecommerceeTesteTest.ieGill & MacmillanGill & Macmillan BooksGill & Macmillan EducationGill & Macmillan Fireworksinternet retailMaximising RevenueMore SuccessMulti-domainMulti-domain DeliveryMultiple Storesonline retailpublishingSounds Good PhonicsZone+-

We were somewhat surprised to find that the majority of eCommerce platforms cannot easily be set up or extended for Multi-domain Delivery. By this I mean the ability to target different market segments - whether geographic or other specialisation, by adjusting settings on the same site licence.

The Affino Social Commerce Solution offers just such an ability out-of-the-box; we call it a ’Zone’. You can set up numerous Zones on your Affino site licence - all with different URLs or ...

How Affino is more Empowering than other eCommerce Platforms

AffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionecommerceeCommerce ControleCommerce EmpowermenteCommerce Platforminternet retailonline retailsocial commerceSocial Commerce PlatformWebsite Empowerment+-

When Affino was first launched back in 2000, the central focus was always for the site owners to have full hands-on control over their online retail environments. Affino has always been developed with a view to being a holistic Social Commerce Platform - combining Online Retail with core CMS, Community and Deep Analysis.


Here are some of the essential facets of the Affino Social Commerce Solution which give Affino users more control:

  • Structure - Set up, copy and adapt multiple

Online sales see fastest growth for 13 years

2013 Internet Sales2013 Online SalesAmazonappleASOSCapgeminiDixonsecommerceeRetaile-Retail Sales IndexIMRGinternet retailInternet SalesMobile CommerceNextonline retailOnline SalesSamsungsocial commerce+-

In Britain, the ’Internet Shopping Capital of the World’ (q.v.), sales for September 2013 rose 13% from August, like-for-like comparison with September 2012 saw a rise of 20% between years (IMRG / Capgemini).


Clothing, especially lingerie and undergarments, saw strong increases on the success of sites like


Mobile devices, including smartphones from Apple and Samsung saw a rise of 150% compared with 2012 - which directly impacts on shopping via mobile ...

Adventures on the Internet - buying goods from Japan

AmazonDelivery ServicesecommerceForwarding Serviceinternet retailJapanJet Set RecordsLocal MailboxMarketplaceRakutenRetail Servicessocial marketplaceTensoTouma+-

Many will know by now that I’m a keen international shopper! - buying various goods from the four corners of this earth. When I say 4 corners, I mean the reputable and reliable parts of the world - those countries where fraud is kept in check, and you get what you ordered - largely at the price you ordered. To-date I have ordered goods in from most countries in Western Europe, as well as USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

Most of my shopping online is music-related, but I do also buy various gifts, ...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year