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How Affino is quite a different kind of proposition to WordPress and CMS solutions in general

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While Affino often gets compared to, and mentioned in the same context as CMS solutions, it is in fact a relatively new approach, and as different as Office was when it was first introduced by Microsoft as an integrated suite to replace Word Perfect and Lotus 1-2-3.


Even though it is not easy to compare Affino directly to WordPress, here are some of the key discussion points that arise:

10 Benefits of Single-Sourcing

Adblock-alypseAffinoAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformCookie ArmageddonMobilegeddonProcess AutomationSales and Marketing AutomationSeamless Customer JourneySingle Customer ViewSingle Sourcing+-

Most complete digital solutions out there are a hybrid mix of as many as a score of different component elements. Buying and integrating lots of disparate systems has certain advantages, but there are twice as many disadvantages, particularly within the current climate of Cookie Armageddon and Mobilegeddon - whereby hybrid and disconnected solutions are being penalised across the board - by browsers, operating systems, platforms, search engines etc.; more than that though, they are ...

10 Key Considerations for Digital Businesses Success in 2015

ConcinnityContent FilteringDigital AutomationDigital BusinessDigital Business AutomationDigital Business DevelopmentDigital Business PlatformMobile FirstmonetisationOmnichannelpublishingresponsive designSales and Marketing AutomationSingle Customer View+-

The current digital age is a boon for businesses wanting to operate across boarders and way beyond any localized or temporal restrictions. With increased opportunities though comes more inherent complexity, and a greater need to wrangle some sort of competitive advantage over a much larger competitive field. The following 10 points are core to our own Affino philosophy in how best to deliver a successful business.


Mobile First Approach - As Pew Research reports, people glance at their ...

The Real Deal of Affino Sales and Marketing Automation

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There have been a large number of articles in the past couple of months pitching and debunking the different angles on Sales and Marketing Automation (SMA). For most companies SMA means adding yet another layer of software / systems on top of an already highly complex suite of solutions. Most articles conclude that Sales and Marketing Automation is really only for the largest of companies, that it is not practically viable for small to medium enterprises.

One of the key things we at Affino do ...

Customer Experience Management - Providing a Better Customer Journey

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During my visit to Internet World last Wednesday, I noted that a number of companies had their own angle on ’Customer Experience Management’. Recent empirical evidence shows that customers no longer make linear journeys through websites or the Internet as a whole. I myself am a tangential interlaced-browsing aficionado who thinks nothing of popping open another browser window and exploring frequently obtuse or out of the ordinary avenues.


My thoughts veer towards motorcar ...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year