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News Corp has been involved in an ongoing case with the HMRC concerning tax liabilities and possible rebates in relation to the application and interpretation of the 1994 VAT Act - which defines how News Publications / Newsprint Editions are exempt from VAT. As this law came into being right at the start of the internet - it did not really properly or specifically target the arrival of Digital News Publications and Editions.


The lack of clarity in the legal definitions meant that the ...

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Google ends News in Spain

EU LegislationEuropean PublishingGerman PublishersGoogleGoogle LegislationGoogle NewsGoogle TaxPublisherspublishingPublishing IndustrySpainSpanish Publishers+-

Following on from Spain’s recent introduction of a ’Google Tax’ - compelling Google to pay Spanish publishers for any references included within their wholly advertising-free Google News listings, Google has decided to pull that service from its Spanish offerings.


The only thing that Spanish publishers have achieved by these actions is to punish their own consumers and deny themselves revenues by cutting off the most obvious discovery and referral route available to ...

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Kindle Unlimited is far from a Spotify or even Netflix for Books

AmazonBook RetailBooks by SubscriptioneBooksElectronic BooksEPUBeReaderFuture of PublishingKindle UnlimitedOyster BookspublishingPublishing IndustryScribdZola Books+-

As an avid Amazon Prime member and a somewhat dedicated bookworm, I was exceedingly glad to read the announcement of Kindle Unlimited - a new service to provide unfettered access to 600,000+ Kindle books for a monthly $9.99 fee. Book series - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, as well as personal favourite ’Life of Pi’ were used to punctuate the announcement to show that there were some big titles in the mix. I predicted that Amazon would launch its own Spotify for ...

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Affino forges Strategic Partership with Jonathan Collins & Associates

AffinoAffino PartnerCollaborationJCAJonathan CollinsJonathan Collins & AssociatesPartnershippublishingPublishing IndustryStrategic Partnership+-

Both Affino and Jonathan Collins & Associates (JCA) have a long standing and successful working history with publishing companies and agencies. Affino from a solutions / technical architecture standpoint, while JCA has considerable industry insider knowledge as its key personnel have worked with and for many of the largest publishers at the highest level, and for the greater part of their careers.


The intention of the Partnership is to pool resources, knowledge and experience with ...

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Affino CEO Markus Karlsson features prominently in inaugural PPA Digital Leaders Network meeting

AffinoDigital ContentDigital Leaders NetworkDigital PlatformDigital PublishingDigital Publishing MonetisationPPAPPA Digital Leaders NetworkProfessional Publishers AssociationpublishingPublishing Digital PlatformPublishing IndustryPublishing PlatformPublishing TrendsSuppliers to Publishing Industry+-

On March 21, the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) brought together a panel of leading-edge technology providers to discuss the challenges, opportunities and trends - chiefly on the subject of how best to monetize digital content. The Digital Leaders Network will be convened periodically to confer on the best way forward for the publishing industry.


After helping Procurement Leaders win 3 PPA awards last year, including ’PPA Independent Publisher Digital Product of the ...

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Why Social Commerce is Essential for Publishers in 2014

Book ClubsBook RetailBook SubscriptionsEcommerce for PublishersPublisher Social CommercepublishingPublishing GranularityPublishing IndustryPublishing OnlinePublishing TaxonomySocial EngagementTablet EducationTablet Format+-

As part of our marketing campaign this year, we’ve reviewed a heck of a lot of publisher / magazine / book retailer websites, and while a lot of them are taking positive steps; as a whole, the industry is still a little bit off the pace for what the Internet can truly deliver. Most publishers are still faced with dwindling book sales overall, particularly since the slow-down of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ phenomenon which briefly invigorated the industry.


There’s ...

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The next big changes in publishing will be influenced by what iTunes and Spotify did for music consumption

Academic PublishingBook ChaptersBook GranularityBook PublishersBook SinglesDigital Book FormatsDigital FormatseBookseducationiBooksiTunesMagazine PublishingOnline BooksOnline PublishingpublishingPublishing IndustrySelling Books OnlineSelling ChaptersSpotifyTablet BooksTablets+-

The last big step change in publishing was the accelerated transition to digital formats - eBooks, PDFs and the like. In a similar way, the music industry moved from CDs and Vinyl to be largely dominated by digital formats like MP3 and FLAC.


We’ve already heard from academic publishers that Professors and student bodies no longer wish to buy the whole text book, but only the 2-3 most relevant chapters. In publishing we are therefore moving metaphorically from album to single ...

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