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Affino participating at PPA Independent Publisher Conference & Awards - 12:20 9th December

AffinoIndependent Publisher AwardsIndependent Publisher ConferenceIndependent PublishersPPAPPA Independent Publisher Conference & AwardsPublisherspublishing+-

The Independent Publisher Conference & Awards is the PPA’s annual flagship event for the independent publishing community. Come join Affino at The Brewery on December 9th for a half-day conference and lunchtime awards ceremony that will explore and celebrate this very special part of the publishing world.


Our very own CCO Jonathan Collins will be one of the key experts involved in the ’20 Things You Need to Know About Digital Publishing’ panel which is part of the...

Affino presenting at PPA Business Media Summit 14:30 25th November

Ad BlockersAffinoCookie ArmageddonMarkus KarlssonPPAPPA Business Media SummitPrivacy ToolsPublishers+-

Affino CEO Markus Karlsson will be presenting an updated briefing on ’Surviving the Cookie Armageddon’ - a state-of-the-industry address on the impact and mitigation of Ad Blockers and Privacy Tools.


Affino has evolved an in-depth audit and analysis for evaluating the impact of ad- and cookie-blockers per domain; Markus will be sharing some of the top-line data and key insights we have discovered to date, as well as laying out what the future trends may be, and what coping ...

Publisher Revenue Streams - Are Freemium Gateways still a viable option?

Content Access MonetisationContent Access RegulationContent MeteringFreemiumFreemium GatewayMedia MonetisationPayment GatewayPaywallPublisher Revenue StreamsPublisherspublishing+-

Back in May, The Media Briefing published a piece on Publishers prioritising digital development over paywalls. Obviously there is an increased risk from both Cookie Armageddon and Mobilegeddon, and both offer a significant threat to revenues. Many commentators have also noted the recent porous nature of The Sun paywall-protected website - which seems to be allowing more and more content outside its paywall.


The optimal approach is really the gateway / metering system which allows ...

All Publishers need to look to Diversification and Internationalisation in 2015

Business DiversificationBusiness InternationalisationDigital MediaDigital PublishingIntegrated CommunicationsMediaMedia DiversificationMedia InternationalisationPublisherspublishing+-

A recent article on the Media Briefing quotes chief digital officer Alceo Rapagna of Italy’s RCS Media Group, who states that traditional sources of revenue are still shrinking and likely to continue to dwindle. RCS Media Group is already diversified into TV, newspapers, magazines and book publishing, yet this is still not considered sufficient to safeguard the group’s future.


For me a great counter-point is the growth of alternative media services such a Vice, Newsy, ...

Google ends News in Spain

EU LegislationEuropean PublishingGerman PublishersGoogleGoogle LegislationGoogle NewsGoogle TaxPublisherspublishingPublishing IndustrySpainSpanish Publishers+-

Following on from Spain’s recent introduction of a ’Google Tax’ - compelling Google to pay Spanish publishers for any references included within their wholly advertising-free Google News listings, Google has decided to pull that service from its Spanish offerings.


The only thing that Spanish publishers have achieved by these actions is to punish their own consumers and deny themselves revenues by cutting off the most obvious discovery and referral route available to ...

Germany vs Google

Advertising RevenueCopyright ViolationGEMAGEMA vs YouTubeGerman PublishersGermany vs GoogleGoogle GermanyMusic DiscoveryMusic IndustryMusic PromotionPublisherspublishingsocial mediaSocial PromotionVG MediaVG Media vs Googleyoutube+-

Two years ago I wrote an article about how GEMA, the German performance rights organisation had targeted Google’s YouTube video platform in terms of how it dealt with the public posting of music videos not personally sanctioned by GEMA. GEMA’s contention was that the 24 hour take-down rule was insufficient, and that Google / YouTube should be made to pay penalties for illegally displaying those videos at all, as it was gaining advertising royalties while those videos were played ...

Know your competition!

Apples and PearsCompetitivenessDigital MediaDigital vs Traditional MediaEntertainment IndustryIndirect CompetitionPublisherspublishing+-

One of the examples I best remember from my Marketing degree was the concept of Indirect Competition. An excellent example of this is flowers vs wine vs chocolates. When accepting a dinner invitation, it’s considered the height of good taste to bring a house gift with you when you attend. A florist may consider his most likely competitor the flower shop around the corner, but dinner guests are just as likely to bring either chocolates or wine - depending on the gender or personal ...

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