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The Main Reasons for Online Shopping Basket Abandonment and what to do about it

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An interesting piece on Econsultancy indicates the key reasons for Shopping Basket abandonment, which Experian estimates is costing UK retailers £1bn+ each year. In an online survey conducted by Econsultancy and TolunaQuick, 44% of customers indicated that they had abandoned a purchase, and cited high delivery charges as the key reason.


Results and key questions as follows:


After adding items to your basket, what would make you abandon your purchase?

  • 77% - High

Affino 7 Key Integrations

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Doing business online is much bigger than any one website. You have to be where the people are, integrate your business hub with all the key sites out there, and make sure that everything integrates effectively with your back-end systems that you use day in and day out to get things done within your company.


Affino 7 integrates with over 100 systems, and of those 60 are out-of-the box integrations that you can simply enter your settings and connect to Affino. Affino also has a great ...

Affino Funding Platform rounds off the perfect professional film community site - Filmutea

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We’re very proud of our relationship and collaboration with founding Filmutea members Robert and Gemma, whom we’ve been working with for the past 5 years. The intention was always to create the very best Film-Makers Resource - providing everything you might need to create motion picture magic.


The core of the site has long been the Jobs Boards, Classifieds, Events and Community - which help film makers network in order to find the cast, crew and equipment they need to ...

Facebook Commerce starting to gain momentum

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The world’s most popular website may likely become the world’s most popular marketplace. After some early intriguing experiments, more and more retailers are starting to make use of Facebook as a genuine revenue generating platform.

There is a real mix of how different companies are utilising the Facebook Store API - some, like ASOS are using Facebook as a kind of gateway for a mobile app, others like Amazon - with its Webstore Service - are providing fully integrated online stores ...

The Ugly Side of Facebook

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You may have read a story in the press about how a 7 year old girl indavertently spent $400 (circa £250) in one hour - simply choosing outfits for her pet avatar on Facebook Social Game ’Petville’ - made by Zynga - the same company responsible for the enormously popular ’Farmville’.

Her father had logged in on Facebook, then logged into PayPal to make some transactions, and then simply handed over the laptop to his 7 year old daughter so that she could play on &rsquo...

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir's Handmade Sweaters are the perfect embodiment of a Global Internet-Enabled Boutique Business

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Handmade and Designed Icelandic Wool Sweaters by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

Those familiar with our website, may have seen Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir’s name mentioned once or twice before on this site. I picked up on her several years ago (back in the days of Emojo) when her celebrated Flickr Photography Page first rose to prominence. She has many strings to her bow; apart from being a great photographer with an exceptional eye for composition, she is a competent pencil illustrator and superb knitter of stylish Icelandic ’Lopi’ wool sweaters - ...

Colours of the Web - Colour-dominance online

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Design Community COLOURlovers recently produced an interesting piece on ’Colours of the Web’ - reviewing logo colour preferences for the 100 leading web properties - in accordance with Alexa.

You can see that the full spectrum is fairly well covered all in all, but there is a significant dominance of blue and red, which funnily enough are the most popular brand / logo colours both offline and online. For a brand expert, there are no real surprises here - either by pattern or ...

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