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The Future of Music Online 2013

2013 Album Release Schedule2013 Musical TrendsAlunaGeorgeAva LunaChvrchesCrystal CastlesDaleyDiscogsElliphantFoxesFuture of MusicFuture of Music 2013Future of Music OnlineFuture of Music Online 2013Glass CandyGrimesHaimIamamiwhoamiInc.iTunesK KokeKate BoyKendrick LamarLana Del ReyM.O.Music DiscoveryMusic Discovery ResourcesMusic IndustryMySpaceNew Artists for 2013Niki & The DoveOnline MusicOnline Music RetailPoliçaPurity RingSantigoldSounds of 2013Sportifyyoutube+-


My Top 10 Albums of 2012

  1. Visions - Grimes
  2. Born to Die (Paradise Edition) - Lana Del Rey
  3. Kin - Iamamiwhoami
  4. Ice Level - Ava Luna
  5. Good kid, m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar
  6. III - Crystal Castles
  7. Shrines - Purity Ring
  8. Instinct - Niki & The Dove
  9. Master of My Make-Believe - Santigold
  10. Give You The Ghost - Poliça


10 Musical Trends for 2013


  • MySpace will try to re-
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New MySpace Music Player is likely too little too late

Internet Music PlayerLast.fmMusic DiscoverabilityMusic PlayerMusic RecommendationsMusic SiteMySpacesocial mediasocial networkingSocial PromotionSoundCloudSpotifyTomhawkTumblryoutube+-

It seems MySpace is still very much in catch-up mode, as its latest offering does not really offer up anything close to the scene-changer that MySpace so desperately needs. I remember the older MySpace Player quite fondly - with its animated EQ bars and customisable colours; since then we have seen Spotify, Soundcloud, Tomahawk, and even YouTube stealing a march on MySpace’s former lead in the online music promo sector.

As a Music Player, it probably owes most to Spotify - in terms...

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Tomahawk Social Media Player is the future of online music playback - still requires a lot of refinement though

4SharedAmpacheDilandauEx.fmGroovesharkiTunesJamendoLast.fmMedia PlayerMusic AggregatorMusic DiscoverabilityMySpaceOfficial.fmOnline Music AggregatorOnline Music Searchsocial mediaSocial Media PlayerSoundCloudSpotifyTomahawkyoutube+-

I’ve been playing around with the Tomahawk Social Media Player desktop app for about a week now - since brother Markus introduced me to it - it exists in both PC and Mac flavours, with the latter being slightly more seamless an experience at the moment. This is definitely NOT a replacement for Spotify, more of a useful addition to it - as the largest library of quality music media comes from Spotify itself (requires Premium account).

Out of the box, Tomahawk does not do much more than play...

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The Future of Music Online 2012

2012 Album Release Schedule2012 Music Trends80s ElectropopAdeleAdrian LuxAlt FolkAmanda MairAraabmuzikAzealia BanksBjörkCharli XCXClement Marfo & The FrontlineDelilahEmeli SandéEuro DanceFaceBookFrank OceanFuture of MusicFuture of Music OnlineFuture of Music Online 2012Internet MusicKaty BKey Sounds for 2012Lana Del ReyMichael KiwanukaMix-TapesMTVMusic AppsMusic IndustryMusic OnlineMusic-SharingMySpaceNew Artists for 2012Niki & The DoveOh LandRetroRihannaRonikaRustieSBTRKTsocial mediaSoundCloudSpotifyThe WeekndTurntable.fmVanbotyoutube+-

(Note that this post will be updated regularly throughout 2012)

My Top 10 Albums of 2011

  1. House of Balloons - The Weeknd
  2. Thursday - The Weeknd
  3. Nostalgia, Ultra - Frank Ocean
  4. Glass Swords - Rustie
  5. Electronic Dream - Araabmuzik
  6. Oh Land - Oh Land
  7. Vanbot - Vanbot
  8. On A Mission - Katy B
  9. 21 - Adele

(Note - SBTRKT was missing from previous end of year listing)


11 Musical Trends for 2012

  • Some artists will move away entirely from Album releases; Rihanna is
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The Future of Music Online 2011

appleBBC Sound of 2011Future of MusicFuture of Music OnlineGarageBandmusicMusic in 2011Music IndustryMusic RetailMusic TrendsMySpaceOnline MusicRadioheadsocial mediaSoundCloudSpotifyyoutube+-

I’m a little (lot) late getting off the mark with this extensive listing this year, I had a backlog of reviews to complete first, also needed to seriously consider my choices for Top 10 albums, took a lot of deliberation to distil the list down to 10, and arrange in correct order of preference; anyway, here goes:

My Top 10 Albums for 2010

  1. Crystal Fighters - Star of Love
  2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
  3. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  4. Marina and the Diamonds - The Family
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Radiohead still leading the way in independent music distribution

appleecommerceEMIHMViTunesLast.fmMusic DistributionMusic IndustryMySpaceRadioheadsocial commercesocial marketplacesocial mediasocial networkingSocial PromotionSoundCloudSpotify+-

Radiohead announced today that their latest album ’The King of Limbs’ is to be available for download this Saturday - 19th February across 5 territories - UK / Ireland, Europe, The Americas, S.E.Asia, and Rest of the World.


There are in fact 4 versions of the album available as you can see from the above screen-capture:

  • MP3 Download - £6 / $9
  • WAV Download - £9 / $14
  • Newspaper Artwork Physical Album + MP3 Download - £30 / $48
  • Newspaper Artwork Physical
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Affino Proto Account Live Beta on

Account SyncingAffinoComrzContent ShareFaceBookFacebook ConnectintegrationLinkedInLinkedIn ConnectMySpaceOpenIDOpenID Connectsocial mediasocial networkingSocial PromotionTwitterTwitter Connect+-

Lots of websites have icons with ’Facebook Connect’, ’Connect with Twitter’ or ’Connect to LinkedIn’ and the like. In most cases, these are simply just links to company or brand-specific pages on those Social Networking Sites - nothing dynamic or revolutionary happening there.

On some sites you see ’Login with Facebook’ or ’Login with Twitter’, this is more along the lines of what the Affino Proto Account offers, but not quite the whole ...

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MySpace gets a Makeover and Facebook Mashup

AffinoComrzEntertainmentFaceBookLinkedInLogin SyncmusicMySpaceOpenIDProto AccountReal-time stremsocial mediasocial networkingTwitterUpdate StreamUser AccountWebsite Management+-

I have updated my MySpace profile now for the first time in about 3 years or more. I rarely use my MySpace Profile, although I use MySpace a whole lot for checking out the latest releases from my many favourite bands.

MySpace has just recently gone through one amazing upheaval - I love the brand evolution, the - my [_____] - ident / motif is genius. The new look and feel is fantastic, and the new Facebook Mashup feature is equally inspired. As MySpace CEO Mike Jones explains:

“We are ...

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Topographic Snapshot of Social Networking in 2010

BadooBeboFaceBookFriendsterHabboHi5LinkedInMySpaceOrkutsocial mediasocial networkingTwitter+-
Social Networking and Media in 2010

Social Marketing Platform FlowTown have created a JR Tolkien ’Middle Earth’-like topographic map / infographic of the main Social Networking / Social Media Players in 2010.


The top 8 places below come from the FlowTown data, while numbers 9 and 10 come from Wikipedia. It is interesting to see that even though the placings of the top 10 are pretty much the same, both sources disagree over the exact figures.

There are also some nebulous networks like Windows Live Spaces (120m...

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