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Commemorating Prince - A Succinct Recollection

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I spent the first 3 months of the year celebrating Bowie, reminiscing on his extensive output, and revelling in his latest direction on Blackstar. Bowie was a significant musical influence in my life, and I was quite familiar with his extensive recording catalogue, movies etc. Yet however significant David Bowie’s music has been in my life, Prince’s impact has been that much greater. My first exposure was through my older brother Pétur - who acquired the ’1999’ ...

Farewell Your Purple Highness

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In the wake of the passing of the Thin White Duke, only one pop deity could shake the Richter scale higher. It is with much sadness I bid farewell to the most cherished popstar from my formative years. For approximately a 10 year period, no musician was more important to me.


Prince was a sextuple threat in every way - he could compose, sing, play every instrument, dance, design outfits with instruments and accessories and produce unique visionary material without compare - many of his ...

Commemorating Bowie - A Succinct Recollection

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We’ve had nearly 3 months now to reminisce and re-familiarise ourselves with David’s output, and in this time he has broken at least two records - total number of YouTube views in a single day, and number of albums by the same artist in both the top 10 and top 50 concurrently. While music and video stores celebrated his life with dedicated displays, I was surprised to find nothing of note in any of the London bookshops. Equally surprising has been the marked lack of new material - ...

A most fitting tribute to David Bowie

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David Bowie has meant a great deal to my brothers and I throughout our lives. Our introduction was initially via the rather atypical Let’s Dance album, but we were encouraged to explore his earlier works and beyond, and found that we loved pretty much everything about him - his persona, his uniquely resonant singing voice, and his chameleon-like ability to continually evolve his style - musical and otherwise.


He is truly one of just a handful of musical icons who indelibly stamp...

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