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Just announced today and available right away for LEGO VIPs - the topsy-turvy Set of the Byers’ home features both the right-side-up and ’Upside Down’ versions of their house - which you can turn up either way - tree-side or creeper-side! You get 8 key character minifigs including Joyce and Will and the gang, a Demogorgon and Eleven of course - and you also get Chief Jim Hopper and his jeep/truck.


The concept and execution here are just superb - whoever thought this ...

12 of the Best Toys for Christmas 2018

AnkiBoxer RobotChad ValleyFingerlingsFisher PriceFurreal Buzz PetGraviTraxHot WheelsImagniextLegoPlaymobilRavensburgerTheo Klein BoschVTech+-

There are plenty of lists out there with 50 or 100 of the best toys to get for Christmas - but I’ve narrowed the selection down to just 12 that I really like the look of - hopefully something for everyone. There are a few items here that carry over from last Christmas to a degree - like the Fingerlings and Anki Vector Robot - but most of these toys were released this year.


When I did my best of LEGO overview I overlooked the Sunshine Catamaran - so am making amends for that now. ...

The 15-ish Best New LEGO Sets of 2018

Best Lego 2018Best New Lego 2018LegoLego Gifts for EveryoneLego Sets+-

I’ve been a lifetime fan of LEGO, although there have been lapses here and there. I kind of filled the available space at one time and then changed tack to more guitar-related matters and shifted most of those sets to other younger family members. Alas those young’uns no longer seem to be the slightest bit interested in LEGO - choosing to build within the virtual realm instead - on apps / games like Minecraft and Terraria.


Which is a crying shame really as 2018 has been ...

Lego Owns Christmas 2014

AFOLChristmas BricksChristmas Present 2014Creative ToysLegoLego ChristmasLego Christmas CheerLego Christmas DominationLego Christmas PresentLego RulesMerry Lego ChristmasWorld's Leading Toy Company+-

Our Danish cousins at Lego really know how to push the boat out! It looks like Christmas 2014 is going to break all manner of records for Lego. 2014 all in all has been a bumper year for them, lots of excellent sets across all the different themes - with particularly strong Movie and TV tie-ins, all the usual fantastic console games and apps, and now a blockbusting Hollywood movie also!


A recent BBC article once again tries to cast aspersions on the creative impact of Lego, as the ...

May the Fourth Be With You - Celebrate Star Wars Day Today!

4th MayCollectiblesFilmForbidden PlanetGeorge LucasIndustrial Light and MagicJJ AbramsJohn WilliamsKennerLegoLego Star WarsLucasArtsLucasFilmMay the 4th be with youMay the force be with youMay the fourth be with youMemorabiliamoviesScience FictionStar WarsStar Wars DayStar Wars ToysToys+-

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


Star Wars was my introduction to Science Fiction, and has been a significant presence in my life ever since I watched it as child of 8 with my brothers and a gang of kids from the neighbourhood. In Iceland there was a 12 year age limit on the film, but our flight-engineer neighbour chaperoned us kids and pushed the protesting cinema ushers out of the way.


I was mesmerized from the very first minute - the 20th Century Fox logo ...

12 Useful Building Engineering Lessons from Lego

architectureBuilding EngineeringCivil ConstructionComponent ArchitectureConstruction EngineeringLegoLego ArchitectureLego EducationLego EngineeringLego InfluenceLego InspirationLego LearningModular Construction+-

A number of recent architectural programs on the BBC (e.g ’The Brits who Built the Modern World’) have cited the influence and inspiration Lego has had on many of our leading architects. However, some of those same architects criticised the move in emphasis from free-form bricks to planned boxed sets. As a child - we had a large wooden Lego box of primary-coloured chunky pieces - nowhere near the range or flexibility of the current 250+ shapes in 40+ colours (near enough 1600 ...

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