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It’s been over a year now since GDPR took effect on May 25th 2018 - and for a while there it looked like the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) was going to take a particularly passive role in proceedings as to be fair - not very much happened in those first 12 months. And while there are far too many companies arbitrarily citing ’Legitimate Interests’ over and above those basic consumer rights afforded by ’Explicit Consent’ - it really looked as if this...


GDPR impact already starting to wane

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Inconsistent oversight and enforcement of the new GDPR Privacy Regulations means that spam and fraud are on the rise again. I noted that the median value of spam held in my email quarantine folder dropped from around 120-130 at its peak down to around 80 at its lowest level - which is still far from exemplary but was a significant improvement. Checking on the Spam folder more recently shows that levels have largely crept back up to near as bad as they were before GDPR was introduced - which is ...

A 12 Step Visual Guide to Affino's Fully Baked-In GDPR Solution

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The purpose of this article is to give you a comprehensive overview of the extensive smart GDPR Solution fully built into the Affino Unified Digital Business Platform. These screens give you a shortcut on a lot of integral complexity which does still require a fair amount of setup - but with Affino’s detailed guides and live examples is something that any Affino Client can easily and relative quickly accomplish.


Affino’s GDPR is designed to fully safe-guard the consumer as ...

Facebook trending downwards after Poor Q2 Earnings and further Security Policy Revelations

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Facebook dropped roughly $123 billion in share value / market capitalisation after disappointing earnings for Q2 this year were revealed. Much of this has to do with the new GDPR regulations - which restrict what Facebook can legitimately do for advertisers and sponsors, but also there seems to be a noticeable backlash following revelations that Facebook sold on customers’ privacy details and contact lists to various suspect parties - including groups of supposed Russian Hacker types.


Customer Charter vs Customer Platitudes vs GDPR

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So we’re about a month and a half into GDPR, and it seems that many companies haven’t really taken that much notice of the new laws. There’s lots of companies paying lip-service to GDPR, but many of their policies and actual activities are still in conflict with the new legislation. I do note that spam has tailed off quite significantly, but there are still a fair few suspect mailers in my spam folder. I am also still getting some weird and wonderful unsolicited propositions ...

GDPR: Legitimate Interest Assessment + Necessity and Balancing Tests

Balancing TestDPOGDPRLegitimate Interest AssessmentNecessity Test+-

As a likely DPO candidate, I’m still having a touch of a tricky time getting to grips with some of the key GDPR concepts, and in an attempt to better familiarise myself with the essential parameters, I am writing this piece as much for my own erudition as for the readers.


At the heart of most of this are these 3 key conditions:

  1. Your business / organisation needs to acquire explicit consent (logged opt-in) from a consumer on essentially how you market directly to them using

Why GDPR is a good thing for all of us, but still only a step in the right direction

Data ProtectionGDPRIdentityIdentity TheftInternet SafetyPersonal Identity TheftPrivacySpamSpoofing+-

My last post was about the dangers of spoofing / malware / ID theft - and a major reason why this is happening so much is that too many companies are recklessly and carelessly exploiting customer details and data - in fact various different types of your personal digital signature and ID. You for example order a pizza online - and are forced to fill in a mobile phone field - meaning forever after you have to fend off myriad call centres up and down the country or indeed on other continents - ...

GDPR : Explicit Consent and Interest Preferences

Affino GDPRExplicit ConsentGDPRInterest PreferencesInterest StreamsInterest TopicsPersonalisation+-

One of the key elements of the new GDPR legislation is that your users / consumers need to grant you explicit consent over how and what you market to them - this means also that you need their permission to store their personally identifiable details and exactly how those details are to be processed. It means you can no longer have a single tick-box for blanket coverage of any and all of your marketing messages.


In fact up until now, the pattern has been largely to have 2 tick-boxes, ...

Affino September Breakfast Briefing Follow-Up

#affinobriefAffino 8Affino Breakfast BriefAffino Breakfast BriefingAffino BriefingDrewryFeaturedGDPR+-

We’d like to start by thanking everyone who attended our inaugural breakfast briefing yesterday, and in particular guest speaker James Harley - Head of Marketing at Drewry (pictured presenting above). The three presentations appeared to have gone down well and we received favourable reviews from all who were canvassed.


Both Affino 8 and GDPR will remain somewhat fluid until final launch details are fully clear, and we hope to have a follow-up briefing most likely middle of ...

Affino Breakfast Briefing 28th September - Affino 8, GDPR and Drewry Case Study

Affino 8Affino Breakfast BriefingBreakfast BrieifngDrewryFeaturedGDPROne Alfred Place+-

Affino will be hosting a Breakfast Briefing (#affinobrief) at One Alfred Place, Bloomsbury, WC1E 7EB (see Venue below) - on Thursday 28th of September. Affino staff will be on hand to receive attendees from 08:30, and we will be providing Continental-style breakfast refreshments.


The Guest Speaker on this occasion is Head of Marketing at Drewry - James Harley, who will be explaining the strategy behind the relatively recent Drewry Affino site.


Numbers are limited, and we&rsquo...

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